GIO Neos

A comprehensive solution for the Management of Mandatory Electronic Notifications.

Nowadays, managing the mandatory electronic notifications issued by Public Administrations to ensure that none are lost and that they are processed in a timely manner is a complex project for companies to organize, costly to execute and financially risky.

Take control of communications with public administrations with GIO Neos

The Mail Company proposes a comprehensive solution that manages the turnkey project for the customer, taking care of all the key activities from tracking to distributing notifications to the right person or people in the organization. 



Lack of knowledge of the ecosystem of organisms that can issue and from which office they are going to issue.


Good organization is required in projects with several departments involved in notifications.

Lack of management resources

 As it is not part of the company’s core business, the necessary resources are not usually allocated to it.

Disparity of platforms

There are still local organizations that use their own electronic office.

GIO: a comprehensive, modular and scalable solution

For over two decades, The Mail Company has been providing document logistics services, mainly mailroom and courier services. The knowledge we have acquired during this time has enabled us to develop and perfect a technological tool, the GIO Platform. This solution is a modular software hosted online, which integrates mandatory electronic notifications with Public Administrations, and enables the management and control of the entire document and communication flow within companies.

And in particular, GIO NEOS is the GIO suite that covers all the operational needs and the comprehensive management of mandatory electronic notifications:

Base de Datos actualizada de Sedes a rastrear

Más allá de los concentradores GIO tiene identificadas más de 9.000 sedes electrónicas susceptibles de emitir notificaciones.

Rastreo asistido por Software

Para aquellos organismos que no emiten en concentradores (miles), un módulo de NEOS monitoriza y asiste a un equipo de especialistas a rastrear todas las sedes con la frecuencia pactada.

Descarga, Clasificación y Distribución

Gracias a las capacidades de Cartería Digital que tiene la Plataforma GIO, se retiene el conocimiento en el software que gestiona, asiste y audita cada una de las acciones clave que se realizan con las notificaciones electrónicas, logrando una trazabilidad imprescindible en caso de incidencias.

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Implementing the GIO Neos module of our GIO Platform provides the comprehensive management of mandatory electronic notifications with public administrations:

  • A comprehensive turnkey solution in which the customer does not have to worry about getting notifications in a timely manner. Just to process them.
  • A proven methodology for quick start-up, with guarantees of success.
  • Semi-automated tracking of all target sites regardless of whether they can use download robots.
  • A team of specialists that classifies electronic notifications according to the business rules established at the start of the project and that are regularly reviewed.
  • A secure (encrypted) electronic distribution system that verifies that the recipient has opened and processed the notification and notifies the recipient if not.
  • A process based on continuous improvement methodologies to minimize returns, incorporating know-how into the classification system.
  • Reports to analyse the productivity, workload and efficiency of the different areas, in the processing of mandatory electronic notifications.
  • Personalized management and monitoring of the project.

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