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The mailroom is one of the critical services in large organizations.  Since it is in charge of crucial tasks such as the receipt of documentation and parcels, their classification and internal distribution. It is crucial that documents and packages are delivered in a timely manner, because failure to do so leads to a loss of agility in processes and decision-making, affects productivity and can have significant financial and reputational consequences.

The Digital Transformation of Document Logistics

Traditionally, the document and correspondence management and distribution model within companies is based on manual processes, with minimal computer tools, not very automated and highly dependent on people. 

In these models that work the mailroom in a traditional way, the service necessarily resides in the knowledge of the team members, the quality of which is entirely dependent on them. This means that with the arrival of new members, due to the learning curve, there can be impairments and inefficiencies in this service.

Companies need to face major challenges, such as:

Hot desking

New hybrid and flexible work models.


Controlling the presence of employees and the urgency of documentation requirements.

Traceability and visibility

of arrivals and departures of internal and external documentation.


Generate savings by managing information properly.

GIO: a comprehensive, modular and scalable solution

The Mail Company has been providing mailroom services to many large companies for over two decades. During this time we have acquired a knowledge that has allowed us to develop a technological solution, the GIO Platform, a modular software based on the cloud, which is provided in Saas format, and which enables organizations to manage all the processes of incoming and outgoing documentation and parcels, both in physical and digital format. It is a complete omnichannel tool, which also includes the management of mandatory electronic notifications with Public Administrations.

The Smart Mailroom software incorporates 3 modules to cover all the present and future needs of a modern automated mailroom, in which the end user is the decision maker, and is automatically and instantly notified of any receipt, and is the protagonist:

GIO Physical Mailroom

To manage and optimize all the processes that take place in a physical mailroom or post office: reception, computer registration, classification and internal distribution of documentation and parcels, and collection of digital signatures with specialized devices. And all this, with end-to-end traceability.

GIO Digital Mailroom

For the electronic distribution of documents to the members of an organization in the fastest and most secure way (encrypted). In addition to reducing the circulation of paper in the organization, which among other benefits is a gesture for the environment.

GIO Smart Lockers

That adds the capabilities of distribution in intelligent lockers of the documentation and small parcels that the staff receives, which adapt to the new lifestyles and work.

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Implementing the Smart Mailroom module of our GIO Platform produces synergies in organizations and benefits such as:

  • Centralizing the management of information and all communications.
  • Collecting relevant information for service management.
  • It provides security and traceability. 
  • It optimizes the costs of document management.
  • It improves environmental sustainability and reduces paper.
  • It streamlines processes and improves their productivity.
  • It enables permanent and remote access to information. 
  • It standardizes the input and output format, when digitizing physical documents.
  • It classifies and indexes documentation using business rules.
  • It distributes information electronically in a secure environment.

Success Story:

Digital transformation of mailroom services

Implementing the GIO Platform mailroom solution has provided one of the main national energy companies with:

Total savings of 30% of the total Mailroom budget after optimizing the service
  • Implemented features:
    • Implementation of the Physical Mailroom module in 8 offices, with over 630 delivery points, 12,000 recipient users and 190 buildings.
    • Implementation of the comprehensive traceability of all document and parcel arrivals.
    • Implementation of digital signature capture using Paperless technology for the collection of acknowledgments of receipt.
    • Implementation of the Fast Record system with the recipient database to optimize registration times and reduce errors.
    • Implementation of the Digital Mailroom with OCR Full-Text technology, with close to 200 functional trays and over 7,800 encrypted personal trays.
    • Design of business rules (more than 200) for digitizing and classifying digitized documentation.
  • Milestones reached:
    • Cost savings thanks to the optimization of the internal distribution system with a total reduction of 82.61% in distribution frequencies.
    • Implementation of a Logistics Management Centre and ticketing tools for recording and managing incidents.
    • Implementation of the digital mailroom, reaching 22.93% of the digitalization of documents on the set of items to be digitized. 
    • Optimization model for Smart Mailroom Management (physical and digital) that achieves more than 30% savings on the total initial budget for the service.

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