The Consumer Goods Sector

The great challenge of digitally transforming your organization

A primary objective for Consumer Goods companies is the digitization of processes, and in particular their document logistics, which is still largely based on inefficient manual and paper processes.

The challenge of digital transformation in the Consumer Goods Sector

Consumer goods companies require solutions that address the particular problems of the sector, such as providing service and support to the sales network, the need for special and tailored solutions, and the complexity due to geographical dispersion and the heterogeneity of processes.

In this context, the challenge is how to implement digital transformation solutions to achieve total control and traceability over the critical documentation that enters and leaves the organization, while implementing management systems that allow measuring and offering relevant information to promote projects of efficiency and optimization.

Consumer goods companies face a series of challenges that they need to address, such as:

Coordination of sales networks

Fast and efficient coordination of sales networks dispersed throughout the country and without a fixed location in order to be able to leave shipments - thanks to technology - in multiple locations.

Communication between factories and central offices

The need to have tailor-made and special services for fast, efficient and traceable internal communication between users in factories and those in head offices.

Hot Desking and teleworking

New hybrid and flexible work models for employees that make new solutions necessary.


The traceability of the arrivals and departures of both internal and external documentation in order to identify where critical information has passed, and react quickly in the event of incidents.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement systems, thanks to having relevant information, to identify areas for improvement that generate savings and efficiencies.

Agility and flexibility

Have agile and flexible solutions that adapt to the changing and demanding needs of the consumer goods sector.

GIO: a comprehensive, modular and scalable solution

At The Mail Company we have over two decades of know-how in mailroom, courier and document management services in a large number of major companies, and specifically for the consumer goods industry, in which we have outstanding references.

 This trajectory has enabled us to find a solution based on technology. The GIO platform, which consists of software made up of modules, hosted in the cloud and provided in SaaS format. Its implementation enables organizations to efficiently manage all the processes of incoming and outgoing documentation and parcels, whether in physical or digital format, and omnichannel in nature, including the management of mandatory electronic notifications with Public Administrations.

To address the challenges faced by consumer goods companies, the GIO Platform includes three specialized solutions:

GIO Smart Mailroom

The smart mailroom solution, which allows:

  • Manage and optimize all the processes that take place in a physical mailroom or post office.
  • Implement a Digital Mailroom to gradually digitize all processes and documentation.
  • Implement a smart locker system (eBox) as an alternative distribution system.

GIO Smart Courier Service

The smart courier solution, which allows:
  • Access a wide range of partners and services in real time for any standard or special needs of the organization.
  • Have a centralized traceability and monitoring system in real time, regardless of the partner that performs the service.
  • Have an advanced cost control and budget management system in real time that allows the organization to establish savings mechanisms.
  • Digitize part of physical documentation shipments through certified delivery or electronic signature solutions, guaranteed by a qualified provider of trusted services.

NEOS Services

The electronic notification management solution, which allows:
  • Implement all the processes necessary for the comprehensive management of the mandatory electronic notifications from Public Administrations.
  • Define the electronic offices to be tracked.
  • Distribute the downloaded notifications electronically and securely.
  • Monitor the tracking, download and distribution of the downloaded notifications.
  • Have relevant information for the control of the service’s productivity.

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Implementing the GIO Platform’s solutions enables Consumer Goods companies to:

Beneficios GIO
  • Have an IT solution that has embedded business processes and best practices for managing services.
  • Automate tasks and processes that are traditionally performed manually and inefficiently.
  • Receive relevant information recorded by the solution that allows you to measure productivity, efficiently and keep track of effective spending at any time.
  • Use a solution that enables a project of digital transformation of the organization’s document logistics to be gradually implemented at the pace of the organization.

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