Software Factory

At The Mail Company, as part of our professional services business line, we offer our clients the “Software Factory”, a unit specialising in customising and developing each client’s specific technological needs. Our development team offers a wide range of capabilities that guarantee a customised technological solution.


Software customisation: adaptamos la Plataforma tecnológica GIO a las necesidades específicas que requiera cada cliente, garantizando una integración perfecta con sus procesos. Desde la modificación de módulos existentes hasta la creación de nuevos.

Development of Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions: we implement SSO solutions to facilitate secure and simplified access to all your applications, improving security and operational efficiency. With SSO, each client’s employees will be able to access multiple platforms with a single authentication, reducing password management time and increasing productivity.

Integration with Existing Systems: we ensure that our software integrates perfectly with each client’s systems, optimising workflow and information management. We work with various APIs and protocols to ensure seamless connectivity between all your software tools.

Development of new functionalities: we create and add new functionalities to GIO, continually adapting it to the new needs of the company.


With our Software Factory, your company will have fully adapted and optimised software, capable of evolving with your needs and objectives. At The Mail Company, e are committed to offering high-quality technological solutions that boost your growth and operational efficiency.

Success story:

Leading company in the telecoms sector

24.5% reduction in resources allocated to mailroom services
  • Complete management of courier services, physical mailroom, digital mailroom and NEOS.
  • Successful extension of the Digital Mailroom to most of the company’s departments during Covid-19.
  • Optimised physical mailroom model, adapting frequencies to customers’ real needs and optimising costs.
  • Adaptation to the Flexible Office model, moving deliveries to strategically located points on its premises.
  • +3,500 Mandatory Notifications managed monthly with the Public Administrations (NEOS).
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