Smart Lockers

At The Mail Company, we are constantly innovating to offer solutions adapted to new ways of working, such as teleworking and hybrid models. Smart lockers, integrated into the Mailroom service or marketed as a product, are a technological alternative for efficient internal distribution in offices.


Proprietary technology: L The GIO Platform, 100% developed by The Mail Company..

An integral and integrated solution, the fact that it is operated with GIO allows it to be used by any logistics operator or Marketplace, and it is the only solution on the market with operational integration capabilities with the or Reception o Mailroom service.

End-to-end encrypted API. This service is implemented via an end-to-end encrypted API with the locker manufacturer and control of the process is embedded in the GIO Platform.


Operational efficiency: smart lockers optimize the process of delivering and collecting documents and parcels from offices, reducing the time and resources needed to manage them.

Technological innovation: nour smart locker solution incorporates advanced technologies to provide a modern and efficient user experience. Integration with the GIO platform ensures that the lockers remain at the forefront of technological innovation, adapting to the new needs of the workplace.

Flexibility: smart lockers are designed to adapt to different environments and ways of working, including teleworking and hybrid models. Personalized notifications: users receive personalized notifications about the status of their deliveries, informing them when and where to pick up their documents or parcels. This feature improves convenience and efficiency, ensuring that users are always informed.

Security and traceability: all deliveries and withdrawals from smart lockers are recorded and fully traceable, which significantly increases security.

Private use: exclusive for users of a corporate or multi-tenant office building. Improved user experience: the combination of personalized notifications, enhanced security and unrestricted accessibility contributes to a better user experience.

Success story:

Leading company in the telecoms sector

24.5 per cent reduction in resources allocated to mailroom services
  • Complete management of courier services, physical mail, digital mail and NEOS.
  • Successful extension of the Digital Mailroom to most of the company’s departments during Covid-19.
  • Optimized physical mailbox model, adapting frequencies to customers’ real needs and optimizing costs.
  • Adaptation to the Flexible Office model, moving deliveries to strategically located points on its premises.
  • +3,500 Mandatory Notifications managed monthly with the Public Administrations (NEOS).
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