Logistics and document consultancy

At THE MAIL COMPANY, as part of the professional services business line, we offer our clientsLogistics and Document Consultancy services, which can be part of the previous phase of a Mailroom, Courier, Notification project or be an unrelated service. Our experience of over 24 years is at our clients’ disposal.


Cost optimisation projects: we focus our efforts on identifying opportunities to reduce costs, especially in the Courier area, without compromising quality and efficiency. Our cost optimisation projects combine detailed analysis and best practices with an exhaustive review of processes, contracts and purchasing practices, offering customised solutions, with real-time visibility of expenses and continuous cost optimisation in good time with management information and Service Management follow-up.

Service design and redesign: we analyse existing services and processes in depth in order to redefine them (process re-engineering) and align them with the needs of each company, reinforcing the value proposition we offer. Our experience centres on designing or redesigning services to make them more effective, efficient and innovative, with a 100% technological base.

Digital transformation projects: our aim is to transform traditional services into services based on the digitalisation of all their processes as a lever for innovation and operational efficiency. We analyse Courier, Mailroom and Notification services in detail to implement technology that digitises and optimises processes in a comprehensive and integrated way.

Success story:

Leading company in the telecoms sector

24.5% reduction in resources allocated to mailroom services
  • Complete management of courier services, physical mailroom, digital mailroom and NEOS.
  • Successful extension of the Digital Mailroom to most of the company’s departments during Covid-19.
  • Optimised physical mailroom model, adapting frequencies to customers’ real needs and optimising costs.
  • Adaptation to the Flexible Office model, moving deliveries to strategically located points on its premises.
  • +3,500 Mandatory Notifications managed monthly with the Public Administrations (NEOS).
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