GIO Smart Mailroom

To meet the aforementioned challenges that organizations face, mailrooms need to transform and evolve.

The traditional management method focused on activities and people and with many manual processes needs to evolve into a system based on processes and information, with a high dose of automation. We need to implement a system that has intelligence, embedded processes, that helps to improve the service in a sustained manner, and that also prepares the organization to face the digital transformation that it will inevitably have to undertake.

GIO Smart Mailroom, integrated into the GIO Platform

To help its customers in this objective, The Mail Company has developed the GIO technology platform: a comprehensive online solution that allows organizations to manage all the processes of incoming and outgoing documentation and parcels, whether in physical or digital format, including the comprehensive management of mandatory electronic notifications with Public Administrations.

And one of the solutions that form part of GIO is the Smart Mailroom solution, designed based on the “know-how” of over 20 years providing and managing mailroom services in a multitude of large organizations, which incorporates different modules to cover all the present and future needs of a modern automated mailroom:


GIO Smart Mailroom modules

The Smart Mailroom software incorporates 3 modules to cover all the present and future needs of a modern automated mailroom, in which the end user is the decision maker, and is automatically and instantly notified of any receipt, and is the protagonist:
To manage and optimize all the processes that take place in a physical mailroom: receipt, computer registration, internal classification and distribution, and collection of digital signatures with specialized devices. And all of this with end-to-end traceability.
For the electronic document distribution to the members of an organization, in a fast and secure (encrypted) way. In addition to reducing the circulation of paper in the organization, which among other benefits is a gesture for the environment.
Which adds distribution capabilities through smart lockers for documentation and small packages received by staff. All this according to the defined business rules (by item type, teleworking mode, “Hot Desking” mode).

1. Physical Mailroom Module

The Physical Mailroom solution is a module that is part of the GIO comprehensive management solution, and whose main objective is to help organizations generate value, improve efficiency and optimize costs in the processes that occur in a mailroom.

The solution is designed to provide the organization with the professional management of the incoming and outgoing flows of documentation and parcels, digitization, distribution, accessibility and traceability of information at any time.

Relevant features of the Physical Mailroom solution

Implementing the physical mailroom module of our GIO Platform produces synergies in organizations and benefits such as:

  • 100% web solution (delivered in SaaS format).
  • Record of Inputs, Outputs and Internal Mail.
  • Total control over inputs and outputs and collection of relevant information for the continuous improvement of the service.
  • “Fast Record” (Databases with preloaded data of the organization’s users).
  • Paperless technology for digital capture of the signature on delivery with acknowledgment of receipt.
  • Automatic proactive notifications to users.
  • Comprehensive traceability of documentation for continuous improvement.
  • Request for collection by the user.
  • Incident Management – Ticketing.
  • Integrated with the Outbound Messaging solution.

2. Digital Mailroom Module

The Digital Mailroom solution is a module of The Mail Company’s GIO platform for the digital distribution of physical documents received by organizations (correspondence, messaging, etc.) that streamlines the Digital Transformation of the organization’s mailroom service.

The Digital Mailroom model allows organizations to transform their processes, maximize their efficiency and significantly reduce the circulation of paper.

The process consists of the digitization of those physical documents that, according to the organization’s business rules, can be digitized, for their secure (encrypted) electronic distribution through personal and functional trays, and with full traceability.

Those documents that cannot be digitized will follow the process that has been defined in the Mailroom for physical documentation.

Stages of the digital mailroom’s digitalization process

  • Receipt of documents in the mailroom for their traceability.
  • Classification and distribution circuit.
  • Digital safe-keeping of documents.
  • Processing of the original physical document (paper).
  • Recovery of physical documents from the temporary file.
  • Distribution of digital mail to an incorrect digital mailbox.
  • Reporting and Quality Control.

3. Smart Lockers Module

The e-BOX solution is a module of the Smart Mailroom solution integrated into The Mail Company’s GIO Platform for the delivery of personal and professional documentation and parcels, through a system of smart lockers.

Unlike other solutions available, The Mail Company’s solution is the only one on the market that is stand-alone, comprehensive and integrated.

  • Independent and comprehensive because it allows you to manage any shipment, regardless of who the seller (marketplace) or carrier is, compared to other market options that are restricted and do not solve the comprehensive problem.
  • Integrated because it forms part of the exclusive GIO mailroom management technology, created entirely by The Mail Company, thus guaranteeing full traceability, security and control of the shipment, at all times.

Stages of the smart locker process

  • Receipt of documents and packages for their incorporation into the e-BOX solution.
  • Assignment of a physical space in the Smart Locker.
  • Notification of arrival to the recipient.
  • Withdrawal of the shipment.

Success Story:

Leading company in the telecommunications sector

Decrease in the resources used in the mailroom by 24.5%
  • Comprehensive management of Messaging, Physical Mail, Digital Mailroom and NEOS services.
  • Successful expansion of the Digital Mailroom to most of the organization’s departments during Covid-19.
  • Optimized pouch model by adapting frequencies to the customer’s real needs and optimizing costs.
  • Adaptation to the Flexible Office model by relocating deliveries to points strategically located within its facilities.
  • +3,500 Mandatory Notifications managed monthly with Public Administrations (NEOS).
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