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The needs of organizations in terms of courier services can no longer be resolved in the traditional, rigid and inefficient way, but instead require a versatile, comprehensive, approach with the best value for money.

The pressure to be efficient and to reduce costs continues to grow, at the same time as the complexity that organizations have to manage grows. The territorial implementation with employees anywhere around the world, with hybrid models for remote/in-person working or with hot-desking solutions, means that different users have different needs in terms of response times, service quality and the specialization of certain critical services.

Faced with this wide spectrum of situations, there is no single logistical alternative that can cover all needs with the same quality, for all types of services and with a correct balance between quality and price. And this forces those organizations that continue to understand courier services in a traditional way, either to have a single non-optimal provider in all services, or to manage the complexity of multiple courier operators.

At The Mail Company we have designed a solution that transforms the way you understand and manage courier services. A solution that intuitively and easily for the user who requests the services offers the best alternative for each need at all times, from special and highly personalized services to standard volume services with the best value for money, to the possibility of carrying out legally valid digital shipments. And all this with total traceability and price transparency when making the request.

And all this is possible thanks to two components of the comprehensive service provided by The Mail Company:

  • The GIO Technology Platform
  • Quality Management and correct performance of the service and day-to-day operations management, provided by Service Managers and by operators specialized in courier services.

GIO Smart Courier, integrated into the GIO Platform

To help its customers achieve their objectives, The Mail Company has developed the GIO technology platform: a comprehensive online solution that allows organizations to manage all the processes of incoming and outgoing documentation and parcels, whether in physical or digital format, including the comprehensive management of mandatory electronic notifications with Public Administrations.

And one of the solutions that form part of GIO is the Smart Courier solution, designed based on the “know-how” of over 20 years managing courier services in a multitude of large national and international organizations, which incorporates different modules to cover all present and future needs.

GIO Smart Courier Modules

The Smart Courier software incorporates two modules to cover all the present and future needs of both physical and digital courier services, in which the end user is the decision maker and protagonist:
To manage the courier service and small packages of any organization in a standardized way. An integrated solution with a multitude of logistics operators that includes service requests, incident tracking, with tools for cost management, optimization, and all with full traceability.
An electronic alternative to sending documentation through traditional a courier service. With full traceability and legal validity, it enables delivery with acknowledgment of receipt or collection of the electronic signature of the documentation sent. As with a physical courier service, it offers the user tools for real-time cost control and budget analytics.

1. Physical Courier Module

The Mail Company’s Physical Messaging solution is a comprehensive solution for the management of the courier service and small packages for any organization, with great benefits, especially in two main areas:

  1. Operations Management, with advanced features for the request of services by the end user, automatically integrated with the information systems of the logistics operators, and with full traceability.
  2. Expense Management, allowing the cost to be controlled and limited, providing tools for efficient use of the service and continuously analysing and improving the service.

And with regard to the availability of services of different logistics operators, The Mail Company offers its customers three possibilities:

  1. The customer can use their own courier providers with the services and rates they have negotiated, incorporating and integrating them into the GIO Platform Messaging service.
  2. The customer can use the network of partners and collaborators with which The Mail Company has trade agreements and are integrated as standard in GIO. In this case, the customer would be outsourcing the comprehensive management of the courier service to The Mail Company.
  3. A hybrid solution in which the customer can use both their suppliers and partners provided by The Mail Company, being able to activate or deactivate them according to the customer’s needs.

Obtain savings of up to 30%

According to The Mail Company’s experience with a multitude of customers, and although organizations may have service agreements with low rates, the implementation of the GIO Courier solution enables savings that can reach up to 30% of the annual budget, depending on how the platform is set up.

This is possible thanks to a number of critical features available in the solution:

  • Registration:  users registering services makes it easier for them to be more careful when requesting shipments, choosing the most appropriate ones, as well as downloading costs associated with processing shipments by third parties (mailroom or post office area, etc.).
  • Predictive price: having the predictive price available when requesting the service allows the user to see the costs of the existing options, which allows them to be more responsible.
  • Control: The possibility of limiting access to certain higher-cost services, by configuring and managing permissions according to the user profile.
  • Spending limit: The budget allocation by business units or cost centres, which allows for the setting of monthly spending limits in line with the company’s budget and savings targets.
  • Workflows: Configuring approval workflows to control and limit service expenditure.
GIO mensajeria

2. Digital Courier Module

The Mail Company’s Digital Courier solution enables the electronic delivery of digital documents with acknowledgment of receipt by different delivery formats (SMS, email), as well as the collection of electronic signatures of documents, and all with total traceability and full legal validity.

The main benefits of The Mail Company’s Digital Courier services are:

  • Full legal validity: thanks to the use of solutions from a partner integrated into the GIO Platform, a Trusted Third Party and qualified provider of trust services, according to regulation (EU) number 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014 relating to electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions.
  • Total instant traceability: all evidence of electronic communication (sending, receiving, reading, electronic signature) is collected in the process, offering the user real-time traceability and the ability to identify, for example, documents that have been read and not signed.
  • Savings and efficiency in time and cost: by being able to avoid printing documentation, as well as the economic and environmental impact generated by physical shipment through logistics operators. Documentation arrives instantly, optimizing times and costs.
  • Aligned with the organization’s digital transformation: technology increases work productivity and saves time is saved by making processes faster and more efficient, and all this with a significant reduction in costs in terms of storage spaces, transfers and document management.

Relevant features of the GIO Digital Courier solution

  • Certified delivery by electronic means (SMS, Email) anywhere and at any time immediately, quickly and with full legal validity.
  • Valid electronic delivery certificate or Notarial deed, with content certification and acknowledgment of receipt.
  • Total traceability when sending communications (delivery status and other evidence collected during the process).
  • Budget Allocation by Cost Centre and expense control.
  • Safe-keeping of the documentation for 5 years, with legal validity.

Success Story:

Leading company in the energy sector

Total accumulated savings of over 30% in 5 years
  • Comprehensive project for Courier Management, Smart Mailroom and NEOS, with over 7,000 users in GIO.
  • Audit and consultancy for the redesign of the National Pouch system with huge savings.
  • Implementation of the Digital Mailroom in record time (1 month) during Covid-19.
  • NEOS management with 1 million annual accesses to Public Administration offices, tens of thousands of downloads and written submission.

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