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GIO is a technological solution developed entirely by The Mail Company that incorporates the knowledge of more than 20 years managing the processes of receiving and sending documentation from hundreds of companies and more than 20,000 users in the Iberian Peninsula.

The aim of this solution is to help companies quickly implement improvements in existing processes through good practices “embedded” in the solution and thus, on the one hand, increase the efficiency of their resources and, on the other hand, obtain direct savings in the processes of receiving and sending both internal and external documentation.

By implementing the solution, GIO becomes the nerve centre where all the information and documentation that enters and leaves the organization is processed and distributed, as well as its internal circulation, both physically and digitally.


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GIO is a modular solution that allows the organization to:


  • Standardize and streamline the format of all incoming and outgoing communications, turning physical documentation into digital.
  • Classify and index information using the business rules established by the organization.
  • Electronically distribute the information through a secure environment of digital folders (personal or departmental), from where its recipients can easily access it remotely and at any time.
  • Centralizer the management of all the information and incoming and outgoing communications (external and internal) of the organization in a single node.
  • Collect relevant information from the information managed, such as response times, productivity, incidents, cost per allocation centre and any other information that will allow the organization to make management decisions aimed at efficiency and continuous improvement.

In this way, GIO manages and harmonizes all the information received and sent to the organization, regardless of:


  • Who is the sender or recipient
  • The medium in which it is contained (paper or digital)
  • Whether it comes from the physical channel (messaging, mail, internal distribution, eCommerce)
  • Or from the digital channel (electronic notifications, etc.)

GIO a platform adaptable to your needs

GIO is a modular and scalable platform that allows you to quickly and easily implement a specific module to solve a specific need, and then continue adding integrated solutions that meet the organization’s needs.

As mentioned above, GIO is a technological solution that allows organizations to solve the different problems of managing the entry and exit of documentation that an organization may have, whether in physical or digital format.


Its implementation is modular, and it allows you to quickly and easily implement a specific module to solve a specific need, and then continue adding integrated solutions that meet the organization’s needs.

The different modules that make up the GIO solution are interconnected with each other, and they share processes and data, so that – in most cases – after having implemented one, when implementing the next, synergies and economies of scale are produced that provide additional benefits to the organization such as:

  • Reduction of implementation times, as part of the model, is already configured.
  • Reduction of training time for users, as they already know the general environment.
  • Reduced resistance to change, as the solution and its processes are already being used.
  • And economic synergies, as part of the solution, is already being used.

The solutions that make up GIO are:

  • Physical Mailroom.
  • Digital Mailroom.
  • Smart Lockers.
  • Physical Messaging.
  • Digital Messaging (certified electronic communications).
  • Mandatory Electronic Notifications (NEOS).
  • Digital mailbag.

GIO Platform Solutions

Discover in detail everything that GIO can offer you in different service areas


The solution is designed to provide the organization with the professional management of the incoming and outgoing flows of documentation and parcels, digitization, distribution, accessibility and traceability of information at any time.


The GIO Courier solution from The Mail Company is a comprehensive solution for managing courier and small parcels, facilitating the management of requests by the end user and allowing cost control and limitation.


Implementing the GIO NEOS module of our GIO Platform provides the comprehensive management of mandatory electronic notifications with public administrations.

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