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About The Mail Company

Can The Mail Company help me design a more efficient service and generate savings?

Yes, at The Mail Company we have a team of specialist consultants who are in charge of auditing and analysing any service within our business scope to jointly build a business case, including a redesign of processes and always aligned with digital transformation. The GIO Technology Platform, developed 100% by The Mail Company, is the lever for optimizing any service.

What is The Mail Company's differential value?

The Mail Company makes knowledge and technology available to our customers. More than 20 years of experience in the document logistics sector and an ad-hoc technological platform allow us to have a very clear mission: we integrate people and technology with the document flows of organizations to improve and speed up their business processes based on information and documentation management, harmonizing the physical and digital worlds.

Is the Mail Company a software or service company?

The Mail Company was created in the year 2000 as a service company specializing in Courier and Mailroom Services.

In our obligation – as well as vocation – to continue innovating and improving, The Mail Company continued to develop solutions in line with market demand and the need for organizations to tackle the Digital Transformation, through innovative and exclusive models of Digital Mailroom, Certified Online Communications, Mandatory Electronic Notifications or Smart Lockers.

Given the demand for comprehensive solutions from the market and our capabilities in the physical and digital fields, during the first quarter of 2020 we became a true solutions provider (from services to solutions).

Now in 2023, we can consider The Mail Company to be a knowledge and technology organization that helps the Digital Transformation of Document Logistics in Large Organizations through our three business lines:

  1. Consultancy
  2. Provision of Technological Solutions
  3. Project Design, Management and Implementation.

How can I request a demo?

If you are interested in seeing everything that the GIO platform can contribute to your organization in the management of document logistics services, please contact us through the following contact form or send an email to hola@themailcompany.es, giving us a brief description of your main interest. We will contact you as soon as possible to fully understand your needs and to be able to prepare a personalized demo with no obligation.

How can I purchase The Mail Company services?

If you think that we can help you, we would love to meet to fully understand your needs and objectives and to invite you to work on a Business Case that allows you to evaluate the project in its entirety: benefits, objectives, added value, costs and return on investment. Our goal is to build a project that makes functional and economic sense for your organization. Please contact us via the following contact form or send an email to hola@themailcompany.es, giving us a brief description of your main interest. We will contact you as soon as possible to fully understand your needs and to be able to prepare a personalized demo with no obligation.

What are the opening hours and how can I contact customer service?

Our official opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00. You can contact us through any of these three ways:

Telephone: +34 902 090 091 | Email: hola@themailcompany.es | Contact form: log in

How do our customers rate us? What is our NPS?

At The Mail Company we are very interested in the opinion of our customers. That is why every year we carry out a satisfaction survey based on an international standard, such as the NPS or “Net Promoter Score”. Last year, more than 50% of our customers rated us more than 9 out of 10 (“promoters”).

If I have a problem as a customer, who can help me?

Our customers have a dedicated customer service centre to deal with any day-to-day operational problem. Each customer has an account manager. The Mail Company is 100% committed to customer satisfaction and personalized attention. If it is not a day-to-day operational problem, for any other matter, you can contact the Service Manager that each customer has at their disposal.

How can they help me manage and improve the services?

The Mail Company is a specialized and expert company in designing and managing solutions for the efficient management of document logistics for organizations (Mailroom, Courier, NEOS, etc.) for which we have two levers: our GIO technological platform and our team of Service Managers, who, based on the analysis of the information collected on the platform and knowledge of the service, propose actions for improvement and optimization.

How does The Mail Company help me with the Digital Transformation of my organization?

To implement a project with The Mail Company is to initiate a process of digital transformation of services that have historically been managed in a piecemeal way and with precarious management tools (or lack thereof), as is usually the case in Mailroom and Courier services. With the implementation of the GIO Platform, tasks that were previously carried out manually are automated and logical processes and good practices that are embedded in the software are established. And from that moment, GIO begins to collect metrics that allow quantitative and qualitative monitoring of the services.

How does the Service Management area provide value to customers?

The Service Managers team is made up of senior specialist consultants with more than 15 years of experience managing services. This great practical knowledge, together with the information and processes that the GIO Platform incorporates natively, allows us to analyse in depth the reality of the service and to propose solutions to inefficiencies, savings or alternatives that improve the Return on Investment (ROI).

About the GIO Platform

What is the GIO Platform?

The GIO Platform is at the heart of The Mail Company’s strategy. It is a software in SaaS format, which resides in the cloud and is used daily by tens of thousands of users to manage their services (millions of items each year). GIO contains all the operational and management knowledge to efficiently implement and manage a courier service, mailroom service or the management of mandatory electronic notifications with integration capabilities with third parties, such as transport networks and logistics operators, or Electronic Offices of the Public Administrations The GIO Platform has been developed entirely by The Mail Company’s R&D team, which is constantly evolving as a result of the suggestions and recommendations from our customers, partners and employees.

What added value does GIO offer?

GIO is a software with multiple functionalities, which adds value to the different service players. In the first place, to the operatives that provide the service, since they carry out the embedded processes of how to provide the service and how to manage it. Secondly, to the users who request services, since they have an intuitive web solution with full traceability, security and visibility of the status of their services. Thirdly, the economic managers of the service can carry out economic monitoring thanks to analytical tools or implement cost control mechanisms thanks to the approval workflows or the restriction of certain services according to the applicant profile. And finally, to the Service Managers and those responsible for the quality of the service, who have relevant information to analyse the behaviour of users, the use of services and thus propose initiatives to improve efficiency and make savings.

How are the different modules integrated into the GIO platform?

The GIO platform is a fully modular and scalable SaaS solution in the cloud. It is designed so that the customer’s organization can, at its own pace and according to its needs, gradually incorporate solutions to the problems it faces. The different modules share the same engine, database and reporting system, which makes implementing new modules a simple task. This is a great advantage for the customer, since with a single solution and a single provider, they can manage the complexity of different services.

Is the platform scalable?

The GIO platform has been designed in a micro services format to be scalable in a completely transparent way for the customer. As it is a platform whose solutions “run” in the cloud, the solution only requires the customer to have a web browser and a username and password with which to connect. It requires neither the installation nor the purchase of any hardware. As the customer requires an increase in the number of users, they can request them and they will be activated within a few hours.

How complex is it to implement and launch GIO?

Implementing and starting up GIO is a simple task, the difficulty of which does not lie in the software configuration but rather in the complexity of the problem that the customer has to solve. The greater the complexity, the more time required for the initial analysis to identify all the requirements, elements and key players, and thus be able to configure the software in the simplest and most functional way. In any event, at The Mail Company we take care of everything. The customer only has to dedicate the time needed to carry out a good analysis. The solution design and the initial implementation will be carried out by our team of Customer Success consultants. That said, the implementation and start-up can go from a few days to a couple of months of work, including all the typical tasks of a project (analysis, design, configuration, tests, acceptance test, training and production start-up).

Is GIO a secure platform?

GIO is a very secure platform, used by hundreds of companies, including banks, insurance companies or pharmaceutical companies. All are companies that have high standards of information security, have entrusted the management of their services to The Mail Company, and have therefore analysed and validated the platform’s security during the selection process carried out. In addition, The Mail Company has several quality and safety certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001.

Can I purchase the Mail Company's services without purchasing GIO?

No. The GIO Platform is the “cornerstone” for carrying out the implementation of service operation and management processes, and for the collection of relevant information for decision-making.

How is the GIO platform licensed?

GIO is a platform that includes solutions for managing different customer needs: courier services, the organization’s mailroom departments or the comprehensive management of electronic notifications. The licensing model is designed to align the investment required by the customer with the complexity of the service to be managed and the added value obtained. On the one hand, the customer can independently purchase each of the modules if needed. And on the other hand, for any of the modules, the licensing scheme is the same: users and capacity can be purchased. If you are interested in understanding the licensing model, please contact us through our usual contact channels. We would be happy to help.

Telephone: +34 902 090 091 | Email: hola@themailcompany.es | Contact form: log in.

What users is the GIO platform designed for?

The various solutions available on the GIO platform have functionalities designed to cover different needs: the end user who can request services and have full visibility and traceability of their services; the operational user who is in charge of managing and providing the service and will have automated operational tools and processes; the user with financial responsibility who will be able to analyse the budget used by cost centres and implement budgetary control actions; or the user responsible for the service who will be able to analyse the KPIs and monitor the quality of the service. All the service players have functionalities in GIO to facilitate their daily and/or management work.

About our GIO Courier solution

What benefits does the GIO Courier service solution provide?

The greatest benefit provided by The Mail Company’s GIO Courier solution is the paradigm shift in terms of an organization’s courier services management model. GIO enables the integration of multiple transport networks and logistics operators in a centralized, comprehensive and integrated way for the customer, whether with the customer’s own contracts or with The Mail Company partners.

Transport networks and logistics operators are integrated electronically into the platform so that service activation is automatic. GIO allows end users to record service requests in real time, select services according to cost and urgency levels, and even manage risks through the purchasing of insurance in real time.

GIO offers users visibility on the traceability of services and any incidents that may arise. GIO provides users responsible for both quality and financial management analytical information relevant to the decision-making process: volumes and budget expenditure by cost centre, department, user, geography, urgency levels and many others. See more details at:

GIO Courier service

Is The Mail Company a courier company?

No. The Mail Company is a company specialized in managing courier services for its customers. And to do this, it provides three layers:

  1. A proprietary technology platform (GIO).
  2. A layer of management both day-to-day and regarding quality and service improvement.
  3. The courier services of courier companies specialized in different types of services.

How does The Mail Company provide courier services?

The Mail Company is not a courier company nor does it have its own couriers. The Mail Company has commercial agreements with an extensive network of specialized partners that allow us to cover the different needs that a customer may have: local, national, international, pouch, special or custom services, etc.

Who invoices for the service?

It depends on the management option purchased by the customer. If the operations are carried out by the partners of The Mail Company, The Mail Company will be responsible for billing, which will be unified, analytical and standardized regardless of the final providers of the service. If the customer uses their own providers, they will be the ones who bill the customer for their services. And in the latter case, The Mail Company will invoice the customer for the licensing of the GIO platform.

What coverage do The Mail Company's courier services have?

Thanks to the agreements that The Mail Company has, we can provide courier services throughout the country, as well as international services.

Do you offer special or tailor-made services?

Yes. The Mail Company’s operations centre coordinates tailor-made services for its customers on a daily basis. You just have to tell us what you require, and we will be delighted to make you a proposal.

If I have to send a valuable shipment, can it be insured?

Yes. It is advisable to insure computer equipment, mobiles, and any other valuable equipment. The user who is making the shipment request in GIO can select the shipment insurance on the same request screen. You will be asked for some minimum information, and the system will give you the cost of insuring the shipment at the same time. If you finally request insured shipping, you don’t have to worry about anything else. It is the GIO itself that is responsible for activating the insurance for said shipment. For more details, see general terms and conditions of the service.

What is the difference between hiring the services of a normal courier service provider or The Mail Company?

The difference is total. By hiring The Mail Company directly to manage its services, the customer is accessing in a centralized, comprehensive and integrated way multiple transport networks and logistics operators with which The Mail Company has trade agreements to carry out various courier services domestically and internationally. This means that you can access the best channelling for each service based on its origin, destination, type, weight, level of urgency, or its criticality: a local partner for Madrid, a different one for Barcelona, another for international deliveries, etc. This allows you to access multiple channelling and service options with a single click. In addition, the customer will have access to the GIO platform, which will give it full control over the request and management of the services they request.

What are the advantages of hiring The Mail Company to manage my courier services?

The advantages of hiring the Mail Company to manage your organization’s courier services are:

  • Access to multiple logistics platforms and courier companies, with a single contract and a single dialogue
  • A single unified billing and with analytical report
  • Multiple shipping options that the end user can select, based on price and delivery times
  • A web technology platform to manage services both at the operational and economic level

Can I have mechanisms to control the cost of courier services and avoid going over budget?

Yes, our customers are often concerned with losing control of their expenditure, especially those who manage a large courier budget and thousands of users who request services throughout the country. To prevent this from happening, several budgetary control measures can be configured in GIO: from limiting the request for certain high-cost services to certain departments or people, to implementing an “approval workflow” that forces a manager to validate a service based on its cost and the person requesting it. With these mechanisms, our customers have tools to save significantly on their courier budgets.

How can I optimize courier services and pay only what is necessary?

Our customers have different levers to optimize courier services. On the one hand, those that the GIO tool itself offers: predictive prices at the time of the request, configuration of restrictions on the request for services by type of user, implementation of approval workflow, limitation of budget spending by area, etc. And on the other hand, the most elaborate ones, which come from the work carried out by the service manager, analysing the information collected by GIO and proposing optimization actions based on the levels of service and use thereof.

If I already have a courier service provider, can I add it to the GIO platform or do I have to use the ones offered by The Mail Company?

Thanks to our courier management model, you can choose the integration method that best suits your organization. You can bring your providers, and we will study their integration into GIO if they are no longer present; you can use providers with whom The Mail Company already has business agreements; Or you can make a hybrid, using the ones that have the best value for money depending on the service in question. You have complete flexibility.

When there is a problem with a shipment, how do you help me resolve it?

The Mail Company has a courier operations centre made up of Operations Managers, whose main objective is to provide customer service in the event of any incident that occurs in a service. Therefore, if you have a problem, you can open a ticket on the GIO platform or contact your operations manager directly, who will be responsible for carrying out the necessary administrative steps with the different courier service providers until the problem is resolved and for informing you of the situation status in a timely manner.

Which companies benefit the most from the GIO Messenger solution?

The GIO Courier solution can be used in any company that relies heavily on courier services. However, the greater the complexity of the service to be managed, the greater the added value generated by GIO for the customer. Thus, companies that have multiple courier service providers (local, national, international), with many users and business units requesting services and dispersed throughout the national territory, are companies that face great complexity and that usually have a long way to go for improvement and optimization. In these cases, the return on investment in GIO is very high.

Is there an alternative to physical courier services that is more efficient and cost-effective?

Yes. The Mail Company has 100% digital shipping solutions with a certified delivery certificate and confirmation of opening, as well as certification of the digital content delivered. These are extremely quick and economical solutions compared to traditional paper sending solutions, as communications that are delivered instantly allow us to know if the recipient has received them and opened them in real time; and they generate evidence that is legally valid.

Why are digital shipments with The Mail Company legally valid?

Because for the sending of certified electronic communications, The Mail Company uses a provider integrated into the GIO platform that acts as a “Trusted Service Provider”. This figure is framed both in European regulations, Regulation (EU), 910/2014; and in national regulations, Act 6/2020, of 11 November, regulating certain aspects of electronic trust services.

About our GIO Mailroom solution

What benefits does the GIO Smart Mailroom solution bring?

The Mail Company’s GIO Smart Mailroom solution allows organizations to launch a digital transformation project for their traditional mailroom service. On the one hand, it enables you to automate tasks, implement processes and good practices, and record relevant information for the analysis of the physical mailroom service; and on the other, it allows for the gradual implementation of digital mailroom (Digital Mailroom – DMR).

How does it help companies to adapt and manage new hybrid work models such as hot desking or teleworking?

Companies face the difficult challenge of transforming their organizations to adapt to new work models such as hot desking or teleworking, especially as a result of the crisis experienced in the Covid19 pandemic. In this context, in which the worker does not have a fixed position and may or may not be working remotely, the challenge for Mailrooms is to be able to manage the arrivals and departures of the organization’s documentation in an agile and efficient manner.

It is in situations like this where the GIO Mailroom solution can provide a differential value, since it allows for the implementation of different delivery formats depending on the location of the employee: acknowledgment of receipt by hand via digital signature on a tablet for sensitive documentation (certificates), delivery via smart electronic lockers (documentation or parcel delivery) or digital distribution (for documentation that needs to be processed urgently, such as electronic notifications from administrations).

Who uses the Mailroom solution?

The Mailroom solution is useful for three types of users. Firstly, for the mailroom operators, who have access to management software with processes, automation, business logic, distribution rules, and ultimately, good practices embedded in the software that enable an increase in productivity.

Secondly, for end users, who receive automatic notifications when a document or package is received for them, indicating the delivery mechanism.

And finally, for those responsible for supervising the service who obtain relevant information from GIO for the management and optimization of the service by being able to analyze volumes, schedules with and without workload, compliance with SLAs, incidents and documentation traceability (when, where, who received it and how it was delivered).

What modules does the Smart Mailroom solution include?

The GIO Intelligent Mailroom solution consists of three modules: the Physical Mailroom, Digital Mailroom and e-box terminal (smart lockers) module.

What critical processes does the physical mailroom module include?

Among others, it incorporates, for each mail item, the entry and exit registration process in which both the registration format and the distribution format are configured: rounds, delivery to smart lockers, digital delivery, delivery with acknowledgment of receipt, etc. It also incorporates other processes such as incident management, identification and fast-record – thanks to the organization’s user database previously loaded in GIO-, automatic arrival notifications, the comprehensive documentation traceability system or the integration with outgoing courier services, among others.

How does the Digital Mailroom module work?

The Digital Mailroom module is part of The Mail Company’s Smart Mailroom solution and enables the implementation of a secure electronic distribution system with full traceability of the paper documentation received.

It consists of a solution that allows you to configure both departmental and personal encrypted electronic distribution trays, which can only be accessed by users who are given access. This way, a user who is travelling or working remotely will receive an email informing them that they have a document in their digital tray that they can access from a web browser and in a secure environment.

If the worker does not access the document, it is possible to set up warning systems to prevent any critical documentation from being left unprocessed. This feature is extremely important in projects such as the management of mandatory electronic notifications from Public Administrations.

What traceability does the Digital Mailroom module provide me?

Full traceability. Any of the actions carried out by the system or a user on the document is recorded in an audit log (document deposited in a folder, document read, moved to another folder, etc.). This allows you – in the event of an incident – to analyse who, how and when a document has been processed.

What facilities does the Digital Mailroom module provide me to locate digitized documents?

It is possible to locate documents easily and quickly thanks to the search engine that is included in the Digital Mailroom module. By incorporating OCR technology at the time of scanning, GIO saves the content of the document as well as certain metadata that facilitates its location in the future: file number, sender, recipient, date, etc.

How can I implement a Digital Mailroom?

Implementing a Digital Mailroom service with The Mail Company is very simple. We take care of everything: the initial analysis to identify which batches of documents can be digitized, to define the rules for classifying and distributing the documentation, the return processes and all those functional aspects that are critical factors for the success of the project.

Furthermore, the implementation of a digital mailroom is usually a process that is carried out gradually, at the pace of the needs and maturity of the customer’s organization. With The Mail Company you have an experienced partner who will guide you in the process of transformation from a traditional physical mailroom to a smart, automated and efficient digital mailroom. Contact us and we will be happy to help you design a tailor-made plan for your organization.

How does the GIO Smart Lockers module work?

One of the modules that form part of the GIO Smart Mailroom solution is the GIO Smart Lockers module. This software module allows you to manage smart lockers that are installed in the customer’s offices and use them as a distribution mechanism to cover different needs: for teleworking staff or staff without a fixed position and for the delivery of equipment and small parcels, or any other use that the organization wants to give it.

It is a modern and efficient distribution format that frees the mailroom area from the safe-keeping of documentation and parcels, which can sometimes be sensitive, and implements an automated delivery mechanism. When the mailroom operator deposits an item in a smart locker box, GIO is responsible for sending an automatic message to the recipient indicating that they have a document or package in a locker, which they can only open with a code created for that purpose.

Can The Mail Company provide a turnkey service and fully manage the mailroom, including the people?

Yes. At The Mail Company we have designed a service that adapts to the needs of each organization. If the customer so wishes, we can offer a comprehensive solution that includes the technology, service management, and staff to operate the Mailroom Service. But if the customer already has the staff to operate the mailroom – whether they are its own employees or from a third party – we can implement the software to manage, optimize and control the service.

Can I purchase the service without buying the software?

No. The GIO Platform is the “cornerstone” for carrying out the implementation of service operation and management processes, and for the collection of relevant information for decision-making.


What does Law 39/2015 imply for communication with Public Administrations?

Public, regional and local Administrations are obliged to communicate electronically with citizens, companies and among themselves by Law 39/2015, of 1 October, on the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations.

For this reason, more than 10,000 Public Administrations are already communicating with citizens and companies through the electronic mailboxes of, among others, the Tax Agency, Social Security, DGT, Courts, Citizen Folder, GenCat and 060.

This means that companies should be concerned about monitoring each of the possible notification points to ensure that we do not stop receiving any notification.

What is an Electronic Notification?

An electronic notification is now replacing what until now was and still is the receipt of certified documentation. Instead of reaching our organization in physical format, each public body publishes on its electronic office (internet portal) an administrative communication that has legal consequences. At the time of publication, the period for responding and submitting claims begins. Failure to respond to a notification can have serious economic consequences, in fines, loss of business and/or loss of reputation.

How does a company know that it has received an Electronic Notification?

Most public administrations portals allow you to set up email alerts to notify the recipient of the publication of a notification. Although it usually works, the administration is not responsible for the notification NOT being sent via email, as indicated in the regulations themselves. On the other hand, someone from the organization has to be assigned and monitoring every day of the year to check the email for notifications. And since the economic impact of not processing a notification may be hundreds of thousands of euros, the most secure way to protect yourself is to access the government’s mailboxes regularly. The challenge for organizations is that there are thousands of electronic offices that can potentially notify companies.

Who can download an electronic notification?

To download a notification, a company must have a recognized electronic signature certificate that allows them to identify the recipient of the notifications or the persons previously authorized by them. The Mail Company performs the service of monitoring and downloading electronic notifications from its customers, after formalizing and approving the use of certificates from its customers so that The Mail Company can access them on their behalf.

What does the GIO NEOS solution consist of?

The GIO NEOS solution is one of the modules running on the GIO Platform and is integrated with other modules such as the secure digital distribution of the Digital Mailroom.

The GIO NEOS software has two distinct parts: one for operational management that is used by the team specialized in monitoring, downloading, classifying and distributing notifications; and another for the end users who receive the notifications in their personal or departmental digital mailboxes according to the distribution rules previously agreed.

One of the added values of the solution is that it allows automatic notifications, control of document reading and processing states (if a NEOS is not read, the supervisor can be notified) and an advanced reporting system to monitor the service and analyse the productivity and workload within the organization involved in managing notifications.

What does the NEOS management service consist of?

It consists of the turnkey management of services including: the start-up of the project, including analysis and training of users who receive notifications; the automatic and manual monitoring of electronic offices; the downloading of notifications and all their attachments (sometimes a notification received by a hub does not have the attachments and it is necessary to access the issuing office to download them); the classification of the notification (metadata entry); secure electronic distribution and automatic notification (following the rules of the classification master); the management of the returns and updating of the master; the management of incidents with the administrations (notifications with non-readable documentation or lack of documentation); the management of service quality and achievement of objectives.

What added value does The Mail Company's comprehensive solution provide compared to other solutions on the market?

With The Mail Company’s comprehensive electronic notification management solution, the customer only has to worry about the business side: processing and responding to notifications. The Mail Company takes care of everything else. And this is possible due to the combination of three factors:

  1. A human team specialized in the manual download and classification of notifications, when it cannot be done automatically.
  2. The technology that assists the team to not miss any notification and automatically or manually sweep all the electronic offices that are part of the scope of the project.
  3. The management carried out by the Service Manager to ensure the quality and correct evolution of the service, proposing solutions and improvements in the processes.

What is needed to implement The Mail Company's comprehensive Electronic Notification management service?

To start up the comprehensive electronic notification management service, we follow a project implementation methodology that we have developed as a result of our experience with our customers. The first and most important stage is the initial analysis in which we identify the sites to be tracked and the appropriate tracking frequency, we define and document the classification rules, and we identify the digital distribution trays and the key users of the project.

Once the analysis has been carried out, we will take care of configuring and implementing the GIO NEOS solution and preparing the deliverable documentation and training documents for users. Lastly, we carry out the training and start up the project, providing a special follow-up during the first few weeks of the project. Once the service is in a stabilized phase, we set up regular follow-up meetings to review the indicators, incidents and identified areas for improvement.

How can I keep track of how the service is doing and implement improvements in a sustainable way?

One of GIO’s differentiating elements as a solution is the total traceability of the services it manages. And in particular, for NEOS, the possibility of analyzing all the information collected: when notifications are downloaded and how many are sent daily, to which mailboxes they are delivered, which mailboxes take the longest to process, what rate of returns is there and why, what risks are identified, etc.

And this is possible thanks to the fact that GIO records absolutely all the information on the flow of a notification, from the downloading to the opening and processing of the notification by the recipient user. This makes it possible, in the event of an incident, to analyze when, how and who has made an error, with the aim of being able to improve on a sustained basis.

What is the difference between the Mail Company's solution and the robots/software that automatically download notifications from the portals?

Many of the public administrations make the notification through notification hub portals as well as through their own portal. This means that by monitoring a few portals, the notifications of some 8,000 public bodies are being controlled. What is the problem then? That for a company with a presence throughout the country and depending on its business, it can potentially be notified by hundreds of town halls in Spain and other administrations that currently only notify through their own portal and not in hubs.

This makes a 100% automated solution based on robots completely unfeasible, requiring the addition of a solution managed by people to access all the offices that are outside the hubs and that are potential notifiers for the customer. On the other hand, having a backup solution in the event that the software robots may have an incident is not a bad idea either.

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