Mailroom 2.0

Professional system for receiving, recording, receipt notices and the physical distribution of documentation and packages that an organization receives.
"Paperless" distribution technology with digital signatures
Complete traceability

Innovation and efficiency

Single solution for the Spanish market, based on methods and 100% personalizable technology that is adapted to corporate and property environments. GIO records arrivals in less than 15 seconds by sending an automatic notice form to the recipient, which allows for the delivery rounds to be streamlined and therefore optimize resources.

User accessibility

Fast and simple access to the GIO platform in order to be aware, in real time, of pending delivery arrivals and the anticipated time it will arrive and review the activity history.

Complete traceability

The GIO platform allows for the complete traceability of all documentation and packages that the Mailroom manages from the arrival up to the departure, thus minimizing risks or losses.


The implementation of the Paperless technology for the Mailroom has brought about the transformation of the largest part of the physical process into a digital one, with the following benefits in terms of flexibility, efficiency and especially protecting the environment. Thanks to this, we save more than 2,000 kilograms of paper per year, which translates to saving more than 100 trees, more than 177,000 liters of water and avoiding more than five tons of CO2 emissions.



  • At the facilities of a single organization
  • Deliveries are made at business departments or units


  • Community service that the property provides to the various property renters
  • Delivery is made at the reception desk for each business


  • Decentralized service at the clients facilities
  • Space optimization and higher security
  • Technology infrastructure, X-ray scanning and shared resources and deliveries by connected routes

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Eva Ruiz González

Service Manager for the employee, Orange

“The Mail Company completes the efficient and flexible management of mail, messaging and package deliveries.
It provides added value for controlling all email/messaging that comes in or goes out thanks to its great organization, coordinating the various services and providers. Its GIO management platform allows us to immediately track deliveries and arrivals and obtain highly useful information for the optimal administration of these services.
The Mail Company manages the corporate mailroom for Orange at our headquarters in Madrid, which is where service is coordinated for all the headquarters of Orange Espagne, and it also provides a resource at our office in Barcelona.”

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