e-Courier Management

Web model that allows for the complete management of messaging services and shipping for any organization with the GIO platform: 100% personalized technology.
Complete analytical management
Complete territorial coverage

Innovation and efficiency

Unique solution for the Spanish market with complete territorial coverage that provides its clients, through its unique communication and invoicing, a wide pool of partners and a 100% personalizable technology that is adapted to every client.

GIO allows for services to be requested in a web format, predictive price, traceable logistics and customer service all through a single channel.

Cost optimization

GIO allows for the true administration of messaging estimates through tools that are focused on saving: controlling costs in real time, budget limits by business group or cost center, establishing different user profiles by levels of urgency or approval systems for services.

Invoicing and complete analytical management

GIO allows for analytic invoicing for up to four levels, with all the necessary details for rapid review.
Every month, GIO will create an ad hoc management report for each client, which will gather all critical information for the period and allow for decisions to be made.

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Axpo Iberia

Felicia González

Assistant at Axpo Iberia

“For the last 15 years, when Axpo Iberia started in Madrid, we have been using messaging services from The Mail Company. The GIO platform has allowed us to request services via the web, know what costs are in real time and obtain a simple and analytical invoice that is “paperless”, among its other functions. We have always relied on them, because of their efficiency, response time for any question and the confidence of service that is well done.”


Ángeles Ruza Rodriguez

CFO – Controller at Electrolux Professional

“The Mail Company has been providing support to Electrolux Professional for more than a decade with our reception and messaging, which shows the high level of satisfaction on our behalf, and also that of the other companies from the group, Electrolux Spain, which started working with them last year.

Their response time, quality of management, continued innovation and their eagerness to improve are the things that have allowed them to have a minimal number of incidents during this entire time and what encourages us to face the future with a guarantee for success.”

ISS Facility Services

Belén Rodríguez Magaz

Chief Manager of Properties and General Services for ISS Facility Services

“Since we implemented the preferred provider program for ISS Iberia, The Mail Company has been one of the pillars of our success.”


Itziar Carreras

Facility Coordinator Spain, GFM – Global Facility Management for SAP Spain

“The level of management, function and service response for messaging by The Mail Company is excellent. In addition to the quality of messaging services, their GIO platform allows us to control expenses, complete web requests, obtain predictive prices and provide approval circuits, which has decisively helped us to optimize service and reduce costs.”

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