We are pioneers in the development of solutions for improving efficiency and document and package flows within an organizations.

We have developed the GIO platform, an innovative and exclusive technology that allows our clients to manage their needs in an integrated way and optimize management. Discover GIO.

Digital Mailroom

In 2015, The Mail Company has already launched its innovative and exclusive solution for the Digital Mailroom into the market. By blending together the physical and digital worlds and moving from managing documents to managing information we are able to quickly and safely access information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and from anywhere!

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The Mail Company introduced the professionalized mailroom service in the Iberian Peninsula, today widely used by business buildings, corporate offices and business centers. The centralized mailroom for reception operations, registering and then receiving or delivering documents and packages throughout the facility provides added values to lessees or corporations by using an efficient, trustworthy and safe service.

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The Mail Company - within its Paperless strategy - implemented signature captures in 2016 for receiving documents by means of electronic devices, which has drastically reduced the use of paper for operations while also improving traceability. These devices allow for updates in real time for information regarding internal distribution, to which all users have access.

e-Courier Management

Developed in 2014, e-Courier Management is a single solution in the market that allows for business to both manage operationally and economically for their messaging services. It allows for savings from the first step, tracing costs in real time, re-engineering and standardizing the portfolio of services for the organization, and not only provides savings up to 30%, but also the total visibility and control of operations.

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The efficiency of this model was recognized by the prestigious Spanish magazine Actualidad Económica in 2016 as one of the best 100 innovative ideas of the year.