From mailroom service providers to consultants and developers of personalized solutions for digital transformation, shipping and support services

The fruit of the entrepreneurial initiative and character from a group of professionals coming from the messaging sector, The Mail Company project came to light in 2000 with the goal of offering the office buildings and large corporations market a professionalized solution for their Mailroom. Starting with methods, technology and human resources as the pillars, businesses could rely on an outsourced and professional solution for their internal logistics needs for an ever increasing competitive environment.

As a result of the deep relationship between the Mailroom and the ever increasing costs of messaging – along with the wide accumulated experience of the team from their years of managerial experience -, our solution evolved by incorporating these services, which allowed our clients to receive an integrated solution for the complete management of their physical communication flows – internal and external – through a leading and unique technology platform for the market: GIO.

Thanks to the proven ability to efficiently manage these services and, per the request of our clients, our portfolio of solutions grew by incorporating new services, such as Reception and Front desk, as well as other support services, which proved the ability of The Mail Company to develop integrated service models.

In our obligation – as well as profession – to continue innovating and improving, The Mail Company continues to develop solutions that fall in line with market demands and are aligned with the needs of organizations so they can face their own Digital Transformation through innovative and exclusive models of Digital Mailroom and Certified Electronic Communications.

In response to market demand for integrated solutions and drawing on our real world and digital capabilities, we launched our Corporate Communications Hub in the first quarter of 2020, bringing together in one place all The Mail Company’s customer solutions.

The impact of our GIO technology platform on the optimisation of our customer services has pushed us to develop towards a wholly technology based business model, with one section of the business focusing on advisory services and project management and other sections focused on logistics and digital services, using proprietary technology under the umbrella of our Corporate Communications Management Hub.

As a result, we are the only company in the market capable of harmonizing the physical and digital worlds of our clients in an integrated way through our exclusive GIO platform.


  • Starting stage
    Birth of The Mail Company and commercializing of professional Mailroom service, a pioneer on the Iberian Peninsula.
  • Stage for consolidating and integrating services
    Integrating the GIO platform for Mailroom and Front desk services.
  • Transformation stage
    In line with the need that organizations have for facing their own Digital Transformation, we launched the most innovative and exclusive solutions into the market for Digital Mailroom and Certified Electronic Communications.
  • Digital consolidation phase
    Consolidating the company as a digital business, with a technology-based business model and service portfolio, including SaaS licensing.
    Launch of Corporate Communications Management Hub, a platform that integrates all our logistics and digital services.