Digital Mailroom

System for electronic reception and distribution of physical documentation that the organization receives.
Immediate, safe and accessible 24 hours a day 365 days per year.
"Paperless" organizations

Innovation and efficiency

Single solution for the Spanish market, 100% personalized and adapted to the current environment of organizations, truly competitive and global, with a tendency for decentralizing and outsourcing activities.
The unstopping movement of people makes it essential to provide information immediately in order to make decisions easier, without forgetting the need to optimize costs.

Digital Transformation

The Digital Mailroom is the axis or first lever aimed at a strategy of digitally transforming an organization and allowing it to jump ahead of the mere management of documents to the true management of information.

Sustainability and CSR

Society is becoming more and more sensitive to the environment and is demanding sustainable action. The proper management of paper, avoiding reprinting, reissuing and filing allows for a business to grow in a sustainable way.


At the client’s facilities

The Mail Company

  • Taking advantage of synergies with traditional service
  • Client’s exclusive infrastructure

At The Mail Company facilities

  • Save space and provide decentralized service
  • Shared infrastructure=savings
  • Documental Process Center facilities specially designed to guarantee the efficiency and security of your documents

It is news

The Mail Company’s digital solutions sales grow 30%

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