Digital Internal Mail

Unique solution in the Spanish market for the safe and rapid distribution of internal mail.
Information security
24/7 availability
Greater resource efficiency
Cost savings
Remote working and the paperless office

Immediacy, security and accessibility

Streamlined and secure digitisation of all internal mail sent or received by an organisation in an electronic format using a digital repository. Recipients can access the repository from any location 24 hours a day.

Integration with customer systems

Information can be integrated with any system.

Remote working

A technology that is in tune with trends in workplace design and remote working: all staff can access documents regardless of their actual location.


Each document can be tracked through its unique QR code. Any operation such as forwarding, sharing, making notes or downloading performed on a document generates an audit log.

Cost savings and environmental friendliness

We optimise the costs of physical dispatch of documents between locations and reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint.

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