Certified online Communications

100% digital format for sending certified communications with full legal validity.
Send your communication at any time and immediately, easily and with full legal validity.
Reliable delivery confirmation for email with notarial approval, certification of its content and receipt confirmation.


Innovative 100% digital solution that allows online certifications to be sent through an electronic means (email, SMS, fax) as well as formalizing agreements, contracts and SEPA forms that are instant, easy and have full legal validity.
This service includes all IT processes that allow any document sent by the system to remain unchangeable.
All communications are dated and signed digitally in order to avoid any manipulation and a copy is also stored with a notary for five years.

Increase the % of success when closing operations

With the “SMS Contract”, you can close a deal with your client instantly. Don’t miss out on any other opportunities due to the fact that your client received the contract late and couldn’t accept and sign it.

Savings and efficiency

Avoid printing, physical mailings through the postal service and waiting a delivery certification by using an economic and instant solution that provides added value in comparison to traditional certificates. Optimize times and costs.

Digital Transformation

The mail certification solution is aligned with strategies for digitally transforming organizations and allows you to take a leap forward from the mere management of documents to the true management of information. You will be able to integrate certified mail in the other applications and processes through an API interface to be developed ad hoc.

Details of the service

Certified electronic delivery (e-mail, SMS, fax)
Traceability in real time
Reduce costs with full legal validity
Filing documentation for 5 years


Certificate agreement

Comunicados Certificados

  • Delivery by e-mail, SMS, fax
  • Documentation filed for 5 years

SMS Contract

Contrato SMS

  • Send to a mobile phone
  • SMS signature
  • Documentation filed for 5 years

SEPA Certified

SEPA Certificado

  • Send a SEPA form by email
  • 2 signature formats (Captcha or SMS)
  • Documentation filed for 5 years

Certified Agreement

Acuerdo Certificado

  • Send the agreement by email
  • 2 signature formats (Captcha or SMS)
  • Documentation filed for 5 years

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Felicia González

Assistant at Axpo Iberia

“For the last 15 years, when Axpo Iberia started in Madrid, we have been using messaging services from The Mail Company. A few months ago we were offered an alternative method for sending our certificates and burofax with an online format. With this GIO platform, from our office and with a single “click”, we can make any delivery in the fastest and most economical way with the same legal validity. Being able to manage all the services on the same platform is an important support to our workflows and allows us to completely integrate information: online certified communications, messages, etc.”

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