We think that our first commitment as a business is to create wealth and well-being for the territory in which we operate through the creation of jobs that have a stable contract and salary. The profile of our activity also allows us to offer work opportunities to many youth, who we incorporate into our staff and provide with a stable base for professional development over the long term.
We also work to preserve the natural environment and encourage social justice by collaborating on projects with various organizations.

Our social projects

Looking for the Three Wise Men

This initiative by the Fundación Mi Aportación gathers volunteers to grant a wish under the Letter of the Kings to an adult person in a socio-economic situation that is unfavorable and in 2019 it benefited 1,500 people from various parts of Spain. Since 2012 The Mail Company has been working with this organization for the free collection and delivery of packages under the model of “Corporate Wise Men” (groups of volunteers that participate in various companies throughout the country).

EDGA-Terramar Open for Wheelchair Golfers

Since its first edition in 2014 –named then European Challenge for Wheelchair Golfers-, we have been the main sponsor of this golf tournament organized exclusively for paraplegic players or those with spinal injuries who use a wheel chair. Since 2016 it is part of the EDGA (European Disabled Golf Association) circuit.

Solidarity rally Uniraid

The Mail Company has taken on the sponsorship of the teams “Team Bonache” and “Habibi”,  which participated in Uniraid 2017, 2018 and 2019. Uniraid is a solidarity rally that is held annually in Morocco and where the participants, all of which are university students, must complete six stages with the goal of crossing the country from the north to the south and deliver 30 kg of solidarity material through the small towns in the desert.

Our environmental work

  • We develop solutions to minimize the environmental impact of our clients’ activity. Among these, we especially highlight the digital mailroom and the project for paperless delivery.
  • We have implemented a management system for the environment, certified according to ISO standard 14001.