Corporate communications management hub

The Mail Company's Corporate Communication Management Hub is unique in the Iberian peninsula, and provides:
Management and integration of all information sent and received by an organisation, on paper and digitally,
in any physical form: mail, courier services, internal mail, packages...
and any digital format: DMR, e-signature, electronic notices from government agencies, certified online communications, etc.,
also including packaging and e-commerce solutions...
and the Noysi collaborative environment, with instant messaging, video calls and task manager
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Continuous remote availability of information, with improved security thanks to full traceability of access to information and streamlined processes with increases in efficiency and more rapid decision-making, leading to increased productivity and competitiveness.

People can be productive regardless of their location to allow effective remote working. Boosts teamwork and promotes work-life balance.

Optimises the costs of physical document management: frees up storage space in offices, use of internal messengers and mail distribution, mail forwarding, copying and reprinting and is environmentally friendly.

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A corporate communications management hub

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The Mail Company’s Corporate Communications Management Hub, a solution aligned with teleworking

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The Mail Company integrates the Noysi collaborative platform to its Corporate Communications Management Hub

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