BPO Solutions

Outsourcing of business processes associated with the digital transformation.
Classification, digitalization, information collection, filing and safekeeping, certified destruction of documents and recycling.
Outsourcing of complete business processes. Managing clients’ complains, classifying notifications from official organizations, payment accounts, etc.

Innovation and efficiency

Our solution hopes to increase efficiency based on a combination of technology, knowledge and expertise.
Outsourced management of processes associated with client operations improves productivity, allowing us to focus on what is really important, the core of the business.

Production centers

Currently, we provide two DPC (Digital Processing Centers) in Madrid and Barcelona, based on flexible models of management and deliveries.

DPCs are facilities specially designed to carry out outsourced processes confidentially and securely.

Outsourcing added value

We guarantee the quality of our clients’ services by practicing continued improvement based on measuring metrics, periodic audits and applying proposals for optimization and improvement.


  • Classification
  • Digitalization
  • Certified Digitalization
  • Gathering Information
  • Filing and safe-keeping
  • Certified destruction
  • Recycling

It is news

From digital mailroom services to management on the “cloud”

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