The Mail Company plays the role of ‘Super Santa’ in Christmas charity campaign.

For the ninth straight year, The Mail Company is delivering presents for Santa.

More than 2,300 volunteers send presents to people in need at Christmas.


The is the twelfth consecutive year of the MyContribution Foundation’s (Fundación Miaportación) Christmas campaign ‘Looking for Wise Men and Women’ – in Spain the Wise Men and Women deliver gifts on 6 January – to fulfil hundreds of dreams with the help of its volunteers.

For the last twelve years, a few days before Christmas hundreds of volunteers become mini-Santas or Wise Men and Women and send their donation-gifts to different charitable bodies throughout Spain. Their mission is to fulfil the Christmas dreams of adults living in need or who need to feel some love. The homeless, immigrant families, the elderly or mentally handicapped people living in institutions, can write to the Wise Men and Women and, thanks to the magic of Christmas, their wishes are fulfilled.

To make all this excitement possible, the MyContribution Foundation seeks volunteers who want to give a Christmas present and receive one of the letters sent to the campaign. This year, the campaign is supported by 2,300 Wise Men and Women and fifteen businesses volunteering to play the role of Santa, acting as post boxes for request letters to be sent to. For the sixth consecutive year, The Mail Company is a Super Santa, sending out the presents from the Wise Men and Women who work at The Mail Company. And this year Glovo is again delivering presents from members of the public acting as a Wise Man or Woman. The project involves many charitable organisations across Spain who provide the letters for the campaign to be written by the people who receive the gifts. This year some 36 charities from Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Gijón and Murcia are involved. They all work with the MyContribution Foundation and its Miaportació website, which receives microdonations from members of the public and businesses that every day help local organisations to meet their costs.

As always, the commitment of charities and all the Wise Men and Women has been astounding. But this year it has been particularly impressive since, thanks to the work of the charities and the sense of solidarity shown by the volunteers, the number of letters and presents has nearly doubled last year’s total, rising from 1,700 to 2,300 Wise Men and Women.