The courier sector recovers its pre-pandemic strength and prepares for a good fourth quarter

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The Mail Company predicts a speedy recovery in the messaging sector after the pandemic slump. This is indicated by the company’s operations management figures, which faithfully reflect the evolution of the sector in recent years.

During 2021 the numbers already show a very encouraging double-digit growth and, although the 2020  first quarter figures have not yet recovered, if we continue with these growth rates, good results are predicted for the end of this year,” says Sergi González, Head of Commercial Operations and Marketing at The Mail Company, after analyzing the data obtained by the company’s operations management platform, GIO.


In the first two months of 2020, the numbers of messaging transactions recorded by The Mail Company grew monthly at a double-digit rate compared to the previous year. With the arrival of the pandemic, GIO registers a sharp slowdown in the year-on-year growth of courier services in April and May, a parallel figure to the halt situation experienced by the entire sector in those months. Especially in April, the biggest drop in consumption took place, exceeding the 40% monthly drop, and confirming what was seen in all the media: companies had drastically slowed down their business activity and were not exchanging documentation.

In parallel, international messaging showed an even more pronounced impact of the pandemic: already in March 2020, the activity of Spanish companies in terms of their exchange of documentation and parcels with foreign companies suffered a drastic reduction of more than 45% in activity, reaching a total reduction of almost 90% in the following months. The companies did not send anything out.

Starting in June, and coinciding with the good weather and the de-escalation of the summer, a timid but gradual recovery of the national courier activity began which, for some companies such as The Mail Company, translated into a slight improvement in the compared annual activity with 2019. This was not the case in the field of international messaging, which experienced a significant setback, reaching losses of around 40%.


Since the beginning of the year, the figures of the GIO platform have registered a sustained increase in monthly messaging activity until recovering a large part of the growth lost in 2020. This March, the increase in messaging services in Spain was practically 100%, that is to say , the activity doubled. And the numbers have continued to grow, so the data projection suggests that year-end growth rates will hold.

The same has happened internationally: in April and May 2021 the exchange of documentation with clients, suppliers and subsidiaries from other countries practically multiplied by seven compared to the same months of the previous year, clearly showing the beginning of the international business recovery. Comparing the months just since the outbreak of the pandemic (from April onwards), the international messaging figures for 2021 already exceed not only those of 2020 but also those of 2019 in the same months of the year, which suggests that the sector is recovering with momentum.

“If everything continues on the same path, growth is predicted in the professional courier and parcel sector, and also in the Spanish economy“, concludes González.


GIO, the integrated operations management platform of The Mail Company, through which its clients manage all services, annually manages more than half a million courier transactions by hundreds of companies in Spain and dozens of companies that supply transport services. Thanks to this, it is an excellent tool for analyzing the evolution of the courier sector in our country and preparing future projections, as shown by the parallelism of data with the figures handled by the sector.

Thanks to GIO, during the health crisis, the employees of The Mail Company clients have been able to continue to manage the physical exchange of documentation services without interruption. With a simple web browser and without changing its operation, the courier would pick up the document at the employee’s house and the service was not interrupted. Some companies have gone a step further by incorporating digital shipping systems, considerably reducing costs and speeding up delivery times and absolute traceability. This has been the case thanks to The Mail Company’s e-Courier Management solution, which incorporates a certified electronic communication solution.

The mail and courier sector in Spain reached a turnover of 7,450 million euros in 2019, according to IFMA Spain data, with 14,941 companies employing nearly 50,000 workers. Its strategic participation in the base of most of the commercial activity makes it a predictor of the economic evolution of the country. The data thrown by GIO, therefore, provides an excellent insight into it.

e-Courier Management: comprehensive messaging management with savings tools and 100% customizable technology

e-Courier Management is a web model that allows the integral management of the messaging and parcel services of any organization through the GIO platform. It is a unique solution in the Spanish market, with comprehensive territorial coverage, which makes available to customers, through a single contact and invoice, a wide pool of partners and 100% customizable technology adapted to each customer.

GIO allows the request of services in web format, predictive price, logistics traceability and customer service through a single channel. It allows a true administration of messaging budgets through tools aimed at saving: cost control in real time, budget limits by business unit or cost center, establishing different user profiles by levels of urgency or service approval systems. Likewise, the client has an analytical management of billing up to four levels, with all the necessary details for quick review.