The Mail Company’s digital solutions sales grow 30%

The Mail Company has announced a 30% growth in the billing of its solutions for Digital Mailroom, Digital Internal Mail, Online Electronic Communications and NEOs (management of mandatory electronic notifications of public administrations), as well as the collaborative environment Noysi. This has been stated by José Manuel Catellví, CEO of the company, in an interview with the Transformación Digital Magazine, where he has detailed the keys to the future of the sector.

The pandemic has forced a change in the way that most organizations work, forcing them to implement new technologies to facilitate teleworking and, as a result, many companies have been forced to undertake digital transformation, as shown by growth figures of The Mail Company sales. “The current situation has come to accelerate something that was already taking place gradually, and that is that our strategic line of business solutions and digital transformation is solidly gaining weight in the total turnover of the company, which has been led by our logistics solutions” Castellví has ​​stated.

The biggest concerns of companies that have been forced to telework have been the search for a platform for interaction with employees and third parties –suppliers, collaborators… -, to organize meetings through video calls, screen sharing or broadcast in a 100% reliable and safe way , and the efficient management of the physical documentation flows that continue to arrive at the offices, with the difficulty of their distribution without knowing where the user is located. The Mail Company has covered this demand with its Noysi collaborative environment in the first case and with its Digital Mailroom solution in the second.


The Digital Mailroom solution, of which the company is a pioneer in Spain – it was launched by The Mail Company in 2015 – has allowed organizations to continue managing their processes for receiving and sending information and documentation, regardless of where the employees are, thus opening the doors to the hybrid work model that, according to all analysts, will prevail in the post-pandemic era.

It is a dual solution that harmonizes the physical and digital worlds of organizations and, therefore, with capabilities to manage 100% of the documentation and small packages that any organization receives (or sends).

On the other hand, in addition to the traditional paper flows, most organizations are constantly receiving information through other channels and in different electronic formats -such as Mandatory Electronic Notifications from public administrations- for which The Mail Company has developed a model omnichannel integrated into the Digital Mailroom solution that allows to have a single access point where you can find integrated and organized all the documentation received, regardless of the channel or the support (physical / digital).