The Mail Company celebrates 10 years in Portugal, where it expects to grow by 20% this year

Joan Jerez

Joan Jerez, Business Director for Catalonia & Portugal.

The Mail Company celebrated the tenth anniversary of its arrival in Portugal in January and plans to increase its turnover in that country by 20% this year thanks to its range of digital transformation solutions.

The Mail Company’s project in Portugal also involves improving profitability, through economies of scale and investments in technology, and incorporating large companies as clients, replicating its business model in Spain, where it has a portfolio of leading clients in their respective sectors.

If originally the opening of offices in Portugal was an operation aimed at providing Iberian coverage to The Mail Company’s clients in Spain, today, after the evolution of the company towards consulting and development of digital transformation solutions and documentary logistics, Portugal has assumed its own entity, with exclusive clients and the same service capabilities that the company provides to its clients in Spain.

2020, the year of inflection

“Since in 2019 I assumed the Management of The Mail Company in Portugal, the strategic objective has been to provide the Portuguese division with the same capabilities that we have in Spain and align the business model to present ourselves as a technology company that provides innovative solutions for added value under the umbrella of our Corporate Communications Hub ”, says Joan Jerez, Business Director for Catalonia & Portugal at The Mail Company. In this regard, 2020 has been a“ turning point ”, he assures, since the company has managed to undertake investments to strengthen both the commercial structure and the management structure of the operations, as well as adapt its technology to the Portuguese market.

For Jerez, “this has been a key decision, since the impact of Covid-19 and teleworking has increased the interest of companies to promote digital transformation projects.”

Digital transformation for Portuguese companies

In Portugal Jerez especially highlights Digital Mailroom, a solution that combines technology and processes to digitize all the documentation received and distribute it electronically through a digital tray system, which allows users to remotely access their documentation 24 hours a day. “This solution allows companies to adapt to the new circumstances generated by Covid and avoids business interruptions,” he says.

Portuguese companies can also enjoy the rest of the digital transformation solutions in The Mail Company’s portfolio, such as Digital internal mail (digital distribution of internal mail, quickly and safely), Certified online communications (sending 100% digital certified documents with full legal validity), NEOS (centralized management of mandatory electronic notifications from Public Administrations) and Noysi collaborative environment (environment for sharing information and communicating easily and securely with both internal and external users).

In Portugal The Mail Company currently operates in Lisbon and Porto.