1,700 people in unfavorable situation will receive one more year the gift of the “Three wise men”, with the collaboration of The Mail Company

1,700 homeless people, immigrant families, elderly or people with intellectual disabilities who live in residences will see one of their wishes fulfilled thanks to the magic of the “Three Wise Men”. This is the Christmas campaign that the Fundación Miaportación promotes annually and in which The Mail Company has been collaborating continuously for the last eight years.

To make this possible, the Miaporatción Foundation has looked for supportive people who want to become these special Three Wise Men and receive one of the letters written by people in an unfavorable situation, to give them a gift. Despite the delicate context that we are living in due to the pandemic, the response of the people and the participating “Wise companies” have been of maximum involvement, to the point that in less than 72 hours the more than 1,700 volunteers needed to the campaign have been achieved and the number of participating companies is the largest of all editions.

More Wise Companies than ever

This year the initiative has the participation of the employees of thirteen Wise Companies that have joined the campaign to live the experience as a team. As every year, The Mail Company collaborates as “Superwise Company” by taking charge of the collection and delivery of all these packages, whose figure last year was close to half a thousand.

The entire campaign is carried out with the collaboration of 23 social entities from Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia and Gijón with which, for years, the Miaportación Foundation has collaborated in their work of helping local entities to cover their small daily needs, thanks to the help from donations from individuals and some companies. The 1,700 beneficiaries of the initiative are people served by one of these entities.