Sep 16, 2020 News, News and Media, Solutions

The Mail Company incorporates ultraviolet (UV) light technology to disinfect packages and documents that are received in their mailrooms

The Mail Company has made available to its Digital mailroom clients, disinfection solutions with short wave ultraviolet (UV) light, which allows sterilization of any package and / or documentation sent or received, as one more preventive element to minimize the transmission of the coronavirus from cutting the chain of contagion.

The disinfection equipment (two models according to the needs of each client or property) consist of a box equipped with short-wave UV lamps that irradiates on the objects that are placed inside. Radiation with a wavelength of 250-280 nm penetrates microbial cells, disrupting DNA and affecting its reproduction and survival, thus inactivating pathogens.

To make UV technology available to its customers, The Mail Company has reached an agreement with a Spanish distributor specializing in disinfection and coronavirus prevention systems. The device is installed in the mailroom of each client, or at the point of receipt or dispatch of documentation and parcels.

Ultraviolet light has been used for decades to disinfect water, air and surfaces. It is widely used in both medical and industrial facilities to keep spaces disinfected and it has become a reliable alternative to chemical disinfection due to the increase in microorganisms resistant to chemicals and the fact that, unlike chemical disinfection, does not produce harmful residues.

Although since the health crisis caused by Covid-19 began, The Mail Company has implemented strict security protocols to avoid any transmission and contagion in the distribution of packages and documentation, “we have also believed it necessary to make solutions available to our customers. such as UV disinfection equipment, which, due to its proven effectiveness, will provide additional assurance to customers, users and employees”, explains Luis del Barrio, Business Director of The Mail Company.

The economic effort that a client makes with the acquisition of a UV disinfection equipment represents an added value for their organizations, allowing them to minimize risks, since all documentation and packages that enter and leave their facilities have been sterilized“, adds del Barrio.