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El País Negocios

13 July 2020

Héctor Castillo, Noysi

The Noysi communications system, which billed 240,000 euros in 2019, increases its users 20% weekly by the Covid.

At the age of 11, Héctor Castillo decided that when he grew up he did not want to have one profession, but three: conductor, airline pilot and director of technology companies. To these objectives he added one more title that was not on the initial list: that of an entrepreneur. In 2015, this 43-year-old from Madrid created Noysi, a communication and teamwork tool whose clients grew 20% weekly during March and April. In 2019, it invoiced 240,000 euros and for 2020 it foresees at least 400,000.

In 2014, Castillo was part of an American firm that worked in the beta phases of Slack, one of the most widely used communication platforms in the workplace and which reached a value of $ 1 billion in its first year. “I loved the product,” he says. That was the seed. The payment was provided by Juan Galiardo, investor founder. “He said, ‘I give you 100,000 euros to start with the idea that you want,'” recalls the founder and CEO of Noysi. The company was launched in 2015 and spent four years developing the product. Their efforts have focused on creating a protocol that is scalable and that optimizes server space to the maximum and reinforces security. The tool includes video call options, task management and unlimited storage. “We started as an alternative to Slack and little by little we want to become an alternative also to Zoom, to Google Drive …”, he says.

The pandemic has been an unexpected accelerator of teleworking: “We have advanced five years at once in two months,” he says. He assures that he had never seen the technology companies in this area grow as during confinement. Including Noysi, who has gone from managing about 100 hours a day of video calling to 900. “Right now we are being contacted by large consultants to close deals,” says Castillo.

Opposite is tech giants who invest hundreds of millions of dollars. To maintain and grow in this environment, Noysi is committed to combining the sale of licenses with personalized development. Being able to adapt the product generates value where the big ones don’t reach. “Neither Google nor Microsoft are going to make a Spanish company of 1,000 employees a project to measure 50,000 euros,” he says. With eight employees, Noysi will close 2020 with positive ebidta, says Castillo, who has reached an agreement with consulting firm The Mail Company to include the tool in its communications management hub. Although the company had an international expansion plan, the pandemic has slowed it down, although it will continue to operate in Latin America.

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