Interview with Héctor Castillo, CEO of NOYSI

Revista Transformación Digital

July 2020

Revista Transformación Digital

“The security holes in the collaborative platforms that many companies use seriously affect the viability of their business”

According to a recent Randstadt study, more than 40% of Spanish companies have implemented teleworking measures during confinement. This adoption has fueled the use of collaboration, teamwork, and video conferencing tools. During this period, many companies have verified that the productivity of their employees has been maintained or even reinforced by working from home. Almost all analysts agree that this crisis will give new impetus to flexible work. In a market dominated by American solutions, the Spanish and European initiative Noysi stands out, founded by Madrid’s Héctor Castillo in 2015.

Briefly define what NOYSI is and how the idea was managed

Noysi is an agile collaborative communication platform that offers everything you need to telework, it is a virtual office where you can manage all tasks with your team, clients or suppliers, exchange files and communicate in secure chats and video calls, etc. After working in some companies that are now our competitors, with the help of some investors, we decided to launch an initiative of our own aimed at the companies here and that was intuitive, safe, reliable and scalable.

You are against the use of email, why and how do you solve it from Noysi?

I am not against the use of e-mail, I am in favor of using it to add productivity, not to subtract it, that is, the mail only makes sense to communicate outside your work team, outside your company, it is an identifier of your brand for communications to the outside of your organization in a first contact, once fluid communication is necessary, you have to move to agile communication platforms.

What is your opinion about the security problems that have occurred on some platforms during this confinement? Why do you think they have happened?

I absolutely disagree with the privacy policies followed by American companies in general, they generate hidden business models that do not respect privacy at the same time that they exercise unfair competition towards Startups that cannot grow by giving away the service massively as they do. Luckily, people are becoming more aware and I predict that the use of companies that do not respect privacy scrupulously, will tend to fall from October 2020. 75% of individuals are not concerned about privacy, that’s why they use Zoom, but companies cannot afford to have security holes since a breach can affect business continuity to such an extent that carelessness can lead to significant losses after a vulnerability.

Is there room for a Spanish / European collaborative platform within the offer of solutions that come mostly from the other side of the Atlantic?

The probability that a collaboration company in Europe will be successful is very low given that the necessary investments in time and money are very high given the complexity of the technology to be developed. If there are no relevant European communication platforms at present it is because in Europe there is no culture of significant investments in technologies that generate long-term losses; However, that is my advantage, if I am good at something is enduring the unbearable, that is rare that someone wins me and the probability of emerging European competitors is almost nil, so I am convinced that Noysi will be a relevant company in the sector in the year 2022. Corporate sales are closely linked to the understanding of local culture and I believe that the customer service we provide in the Spanish-speaking market and our ability to develop custom projects makes us unique.

How has Covid19 affected the sector of its activity and future forecasts?

The employee will sometimes go to the company headquarters to participate in projects where physical presence is essential, but will have the tools to carry out their work from the place where, at all times, it is most efficient, either in its own house, in the offices of the client or a supplier. To do this, you need tools that facilitate collaboration, task tracking, message and file exchange, videoconferencing, and all on a platform designed for companies that is reliable, secure, and scalable. These three are precisely the characteristics of Noysi, and that are driving its rapid growth.

What concrete opportunities are there right now and how can we take advantage of them?

The opportunity is immense and at Noysi we are prepared to take advantage of it. We have been working for 5 years on developing a communication platform for companies that is intuitive, reliable, secure and scalable. Now we have the platforms that companies demand and the maturity of our solution coincides with a huge demand for this type of platform.

How to focus the offer of products and services to be successful or tips to succeed in the sector?

The first and most important advice is to have a product that responds to the needs of your customers (and in this sense, at Noysi we have prioritized the functionalities related to scalability, reliability and security that are the most valued by companies). The second is to seek alliances, such as the one we have with The Mail Company, a Spanish company with a presence in Spain and Portugal specialized in consulting and solutions for digital transformation and documentary logistics, to accelerate our arrival at business clients. The third is to have a commercial offer that is sensitive to the difficulties that our clients face.

How has NOYSI evolved with the Covid-19, how do they compete with more popular technology and if there is room for new communication tools that facilitate telework since it is a segment with a lot of competition?

This market is growing at an exponential rate and at Noysi we have an intuitive, reliable and robust tool that is one of the best value propositions in this type of solution for Spanish companies. During the months of March and April, our clients grew by 20% each week and we went from managing 100 hours a day in a video call to more than 900.

Returning to the normality of returning to the office, how do you think platforms such as Noysi will adapt to the new use of workspaces?

I am not sure that the normal thing is to work in an office, travel 12 kilometers to go do something that you can do from or near your home, pollute the only planet we have, spend time and money on things that are not essential… In my opinion, the dynamics of traveling by car and plane to carry out labor actions was absolutely abnormal and I have said so for many years defending telework.

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