The Mail Company, digitization in times of telework

El Economista Catalunya

July 2, 2020

The Mail Company, the digital mailroom company, has sought solutions for companies that are teleworking during the pandemic but still receive physical documentation to distribute to their workers. For this, The Mail Company has designed DMR Flash, a solution that combines technology and processes to digitize all the documentation received and distribute them electronically through a system of digital trays that authorized users can access remotely 24 hours a day.

The documentary operation of DMR Flash includes the opening, classification, digitization, indexing, distribution, filing and temporary custody of all the documents received, activities that take place in the Documentary Processing Centers that The Mail Company has in Barcelona and Madrid.

Created in 2000, The Mail Company adapts digital mail solutions to the needs of companies. With the impact of the Covid-19 and teleworking, the DMR Flash service is designed to be implemented quickly and not hinder the development of business activity, explains José Manuel Castellví, CEO of the firm.

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