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Revista IFMA

April 2020

By Luis del Barrio, Business Manager of  The Mail Company.

RevistaIFMA - The Mail Company

Digital transformation and new technologies have changed the way companies manage the information and documentation they send and receive. In a few years we have gone from physical mail and phone calls to e-mail and video conferences. From physical files to hard drives and the cloud. From certified mail to certified electronic communications. And finally, fron the administrative notifications on paper to the NEOS (compulsory electronic notifications).

The big challenge is having the ability to harmonize the physical and digital worlds of your organization. The physical documentation that reaches organizations must be integrated with the rest of the digital information and on many occasions different actors are involved in the processes without a common strategy or platform.

All these elements are a challenge for any organization, right? It should not be if we bet on a HUB for Corporate Communications Management. A new concept of information flow management and documentation that is generated in companies and that The Mail Company has launched for the first time in the Spanish market.

What is the Corporate Communications Management HUB?

A HUB, or corporate communications management node, is the nerve center where all the information and documentation that enters and leaves the organization, both physical and digital, is processed. It is established around a technological platform that has the task of structuring and standardizing information, classifying it, distributing it electronically and storing it so that the members of the organization can access it in an agile, easy and secure way, both from their workplace. as remote, and at any time of the day.

The HUB manages and harmonizes ALL the information received, regardless of who is the issuer or the recipient, the medium in which it is contained (paper or digital) or the physical channel (messaging, mail, internal distribution, e-commerce) or digital (electronic notifications, etc.).

What can a Corporate Communications Management HUB do for your organization?

  • Homogenize and rationalize the format of all input and output communications, turning the physical documentation into digital.
  • Classify and index them using the business rules established by the organization.
  • Distribute them electronically through a secure digital folder environment (personal or departmental), to where their recipients can access them remotely and at any time.
  • A collaborative environment to share documentation and communicate easily and effectively with both internal and external users, through instant messaging services, real-time team chats, videoconferencing with screensharing and even a task manager.
  • Centralize all the information and the incoming, outgoing and internal communications of an organization in a single node.

How does having it benefit you?

  • Permanent and remote accessibility to information
  • Encourage collaborative work
  • Disconnect productivity with the job or physical location and facilitate work-life balance
  • Improves security as it provides full traceability in access to information.
  • Optimizes the costs of managing documents in physical format: frees up space dedicated to filing in offices, use of suitcases and / or internal mail, as well as reissues, copies and reprints
  • Environmental sustainability: your organization will have practically said goodbye to paper
  • Greater agility in processes, increased efficiency, greater agility in decision making, greater productivity and competitiveness

Is it easy to implement?

The Mail Company’s Corporate Communications Management HUB is modular and scalable, so the organization can implement the solution based on its priorities.

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