The Mail Company’s Corporate Communications Management Hub, a solution aligned with teleworking

COVID-19 has accelerated the implementation of teleworking in many organizations that, without an efficient alternative for managing their physical documentation flows, may have difficulty keeping up with their business activity.

The Mail Company provides, through its Corporate Communications Management Hub, the ideal documentary logistics support for organizations that implement telework.

The health crisis caused by COVID-19 has accelerated the implementation of telework in many organizations, which have seen this option as the only possibility to keep their business active.

Physical documentation flows continue to reach the offices (now closed), and if the recipients do not receive the information contained in these documents on time, it will significantly affect business activity. If we consider that part of these companies do not have the necessary technological infrastructure, the search for solutions should be a priority for any organization.

In this new scenario, a new formula for the management of physical documentation flows will be absolutely necessary,” says Luis del Barrio, Business Director of The Mail Company, who states that “neither in terms of costs nor agility in decision-making, and therefore efficiency, it will be feasible to have an envelope with documentation in the office waiting for their recipient to pick it up, or send it to their home, where them carry out their activity ”.

We are, therefore, on the verge of a great transformation in the documentary logistics of organizations, which can only be digital. “This is something that The Mail Company has been working on for some years, and we don’t only talk about our pioneering Digital Mailroom solution, which many of our clients already benefit from, also about a comprehensive solution such as the Corporate Communications Management Hub”, affirms del Barrio.

The Corporate Communications Management Hub of The Mail Company manages and harmonizes all the information received or sent by an organization, regardless of who is the sender or the recipient, the support in which it is contained (paper or digital), and the physical channel (messaging, mail, internal distribution, e-commerce), or digital one (electronic notifications, certified online communications, etc.).

Agile access to all information and collaborative environment

The capabilities of The Mail Company’s Hub allow the format of all incoming and outgoing communications to be homogenized and rationalized, turning physical documentation into digital, and distributing them electronically through a secure environment of digital folders (personal or departmental) from where their recipients can access them remotely and at any time.

In addition, it provides a collaborative environment to share documentation and communicate easily and effectively with both internal and external users, through instant messaging services, real-time team chats, unlimited cloud storage, video calls, screensharing and broadcast (both 1 to 1 or as a group).

The Mail Company’s Corporate Communications Management Hub is modular and scalable, so each organization can implement the solution based on its priorities.

Benefits for organizations

The hub provides permanent and remote accessibility to information, improves security as it provides full traceability in access to information and enables greater agility in processes, with increased efficiency, more agility in decision-making and, therefore, greater productivity and competitiveness.

Productivity is also enhanced by the fact that for the first time it is disconnected from the employee’s physical location. On the other hand, it encourages collaborative work and family reconciliation.

In the cost chapter, The Mail Company hub optimizes the expenses of managing documents in physical format: it frees up space dedicated to filing in offices, use of valises and / or internal mail, as well as reissues, copies and reprints. Since the organizations that implement it will have practically eliminated the paper of their activity, this set of solutions also contributes to environmental sustainability.