The Mail Company integrates the Noysi platform

Dealer Market

March 2020

Acuerdo The Mail Company/NoysiAgreement between Noysi, the communication platform for companies and public administrations aimed at collaboration and team alignment, and The Mail Company. Spanish company specialized in consulting and digital transformation solutions and documentary logistics.

The more than 200 corporate clients of The Mail Company – about 40,000 potential daily users – will enjoy Noysi, a scalable, reliable and secure platform that includes chat, messaging, cloud storage and collaboration tools.

Manuel Ferrando, Director of Business Development of Noysi, and Luis del Barrio, Director of Business of The Mail Company have signed an agreement whereby Noysi will be integrated into GIO, the Hub of Corporate Communications Management of The Mail Company that all our clients use in their processes of documentary and parcel logistics, whether physical or digital.

Through GIO, created in 2014 and exceeding 20 million transactions, customers of The Mail Company access solutions such as DMR (digital mail) or GIO-NEOS (a unique solution in the market for the integral management of mandatory electronic notifications of Public Administrations) or e-BOX, (e-Commerce management in corporations and office buildings).

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