The Mail Company integrates the Noysi collaborative platform to its Corporate Communications Management Hub

Manuel Ferrando, Director of Business Development of Noysi, and Luis del Barrio, Director of Business of The Mail Company have signed an agreement whereby Noysi will be integrated into GIO, the Hub of Corporate Communications Management of The Mail Company that all our clients use in their processes of documentary and parcel logistics, whether physical or digital.

Through GIO, created in 2014 and exceeding 20 million transactions, customers of The Mail Company access solutions such as DMR (digital mail) or GIO-NEOS (a unique solution in the market for the integral management of mandatory electronic notifications of Public Administrations) or e-BOX, (e-Commerce management in corporations and office buildings).

Now, the more than 200 corporate clients of The Mail Company – about 40,000 potential users – can use instant messaging services and chat for real-time equipment, unlimited cloud storage, video calls, screen sharing and broadcast (both 1 to 1 and in groups).

For Luis del Barrio, “the agreement with Noysi will help us go one step further in terms of performance, ease of use, scalability, reliability and security,” and adds that “digitalization is allowing companies to do the same but in a different way. Transforming what was an auxiliary service, perceived as of little value, in a communications platform that integrates easily with the processes of our customers which allows them to gain in efficiency and competitiveness as well as providing greater value to our customers” .

For Manuel Ferrando, “the agreement with The Mail Company reflects the appeal of our proposal for clients looking for a comprehensive communications platform that includes chat and messaging services, cloud storage and collaboration tools in an intuitive, safe and highly scalable work environment”.

Founded in 2000 by José Manuel Castellví, its current CEO, and Luis del Barrio, The Mail Company has more than 200 corporate clients, its mail service manages more than 100,000 daily shipments, more than 6,000 certified online communications are processed and more than 30,000 electronic notifications of Public Administrations.

Noysi, meanwhile, was created in 2015 on the initiative of Héctor del Castillo and it is a fully scalable solution that already has tens of thousands of users who can access concurrently. It also offers unlimited storage and allows guests (outside the organization) to be added to the work groups, which facilitates coordination tasks with third parties and work with external collaborators. The latter aspect is critical in the business model of The Mail Company

Noysi, which has just launched into the Mexican market, is also characterized by its reliability and security, as it is a highly fault-tolerant system that has four different encryption systems and analyzes 400 parameters in real time to ensure the robustness of the system. In addition, it uses validation tokens, each of the applications authenticates the user and if it does not meet 14 parameters, the access is blocked.