“Only e-BOX brings together the three‘ i ’: independent, integral and integrated”

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Revista FM&SThe Mail Company, a company specialized in consulting and solutions for digital transformation and documentary logistics, launches a new service: e-BOX, aimed at managing e-Commerce expeditions in corporations and office communities. Once again, he does it by joining “the physical and the digital” as pointed out by its CEO and co-founder, José Manuel Castellví. e-BOX is another ICT solution in a portfolio that also highlights GIO-NEOS, centralized management of Mandatory Electronic Notifications of Public Administrations and DMR, Digital Mail.

What are you looking for with e-BOX? Wasn’t the offer of corporate lockers and lockers covered?

Absolutely not. e-BOX is the only solution independent, integral and integrated in the market. Independent and comprehensive because it allows you to manage any expedition, regardless of who the seller or carrier is. And it is integrated because it is within our exclusive technology of mailroom, that is to say full traceability and control, in addition to all the essential procedures to effectively manage the different scenarios that may occur.

Are not like this the rest of the offers in the market?

The current options are initiatives of transport agencies, such as Correos, or marketplaces, such as Amazon, with their use being restricted to the expeditions they transport or have sold. There are other initiatives, such as Citibox, limited to those transport agencies that are willing to pay for its use. All have a common denominator: that their use is restricted so that corporations and communities would have to install endless options to manage everything they receive …

Have companies had to accept that their employees receive their private purchases in their workplaces?

Companies, in their conciliation initiatives, must support the needs of their employees. The reception of e-Commerce has meant an unexpected expense for many corporations and office buildings and the mail services of many companies are not sized to accumulate throughout the day the amount of e-Commerce parcel received; and much less to properly serve the dozens of people who are going to pick up their packages at the end of their day.

How does e-BOX work?

Our solution consists in the registration and receipt of the parcel in our Mail System, which sends a code to the recipient for collection in the corresponding locker when they consider it, always within the hours of operation of the property. It’s that simple.

Where will they be located?

Another great advantage of our proposal is that by being integrated into the internal logistics processes of the property, they can be installed inside the client’s facilities with the corresponding advantages: greater accessibility and more security, since it prevents potential theft and damage. In addition, the lockers are customizable with the corporate image of the client.

What does GIO, your Integral Operations Management platform, contribute to all this?

The e-Commerce flows are fully integrated in the logistics of Mailroom, or our e-Reception solution for smaller properties, from which the Reception, Deposit and Collection processes are managed, solving in a simple and efficient way something in which a wide supply chain is involved. GIO covers all the processes in the field of document logistics and parcel logistics, whether physical or digital and continues to grow day by day in anticipation of what our customers may need

Is e-BOX another example of the duality between the physical and the digital that youdefend so much in The Mail Company?

Absolutely. The transformation in which we are immersed requires adapting the way to manage the flows of documents and packages that organizations receive. On the one hand, documentary flows are digitallised, valuing their content and freeing the client from the burden of manipulating and accumulating them, with clear advantages in terms of productivity and space savings among others. Finally, the arrival of personal parcels that is derived from purchases through the internet and that is increasing exponentially, requires managing the corporate parcel of the personnel in a differentiated way.

Changing the subject, 18 months ago you launched GIO-NEOS. How is it working?

All right. Our solution provides a holistic service through a mix of technological tools with a specialized operation. To automate the execution of the monitoring, access and download of notifications, The Mail Company provides the DMRTrackerNeos computer solution, developed internally, that allows to track the notifications issued at the headquarters integrated into our solution. This covers all electronic offices of the current ecosystem, being able to integrate any new issuing headquarters in a short time and with ease. All this without forgetting that we have the only platform for managing customer business rules and secure internal distribution through our Digital Mail Service solution

You have also been pioneers in Spain in the services of Digital Mailroom, what is still missing for these services to finally enter the market?

Time and determination on the part of the companies. The advantages are undeniable and innumerable. We already manage a dozen projects and several pilots in large companies. We are sure that the next two years will be decisive.

You turn 20 in 2020, how have you moved from a courier company to an ICT partner?

Technology is allowing us to do the same but in a different way, transforming what was an auxiliary service perceived as of little value to a communications platform that increasingly integrates more interconnected solutions.