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e-Box, integral management of e-commerce in offices

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The reception of the personal parcel (e-commerce) that the employees receive in their work places supposes an extra expense for many organizations and a management challenge for many services of post office, that are not dimensioned to face them, neither logistic nor technologically.

The Mail Company launches e-Box, their solution for the management of e-commerce in corporations and office buildings. The only solution on the market that is independent, comprehensive and integrated.

Independent and integral because it allows to manage any expedition, regardless of who is the seller (marketplace) or the carrier (transport agency), in front of other market options that are restricted.

Integrated because it is part of the exclusive GIO mail management technology, created entirely by The Mail Company, which guarantees full traceability, security and control of shipping at all times.

The e-BOX solution consists of the installation of independent lockers (in areas of easy access for users and inside the building), connected to the management platform of The Mail Company (GIO). Each incoming package is registered in the system, which automatically assigns a QR code and a location in the locker.

The recipient immediately receives a notification (via e-mail or sms) with the assigned code, which allows them to open and conveniently pick up their package whenever they want within the operating hours of the property.