May 29, 2019 Media, News and Media

Communicate with the Administration: a challenge (difficult) for an SME

Cinco Días


Laws 39/2015 and 40/2015 are in force and require companies to maintain their communications with the Administration through electronic means. We analyzed with Luis del Barrio García, Director of Marketing and External Relations of The Mail Company, the difficulties of the companies to adapt to it.

– What are the biggest difficulties that the SME is finding to comply with the mandatory electronic notifications?

The main difficulty is the lack of a single access point, something complex since each company or self-employed has a relationship with various Public Administrations. We are talking about 8,000 municipalities, 41 councils, 17 autonomous communities, ministries and various public bodies such as DGT, Tax Agency, Social Security among others, which use disparate technology platforms with different levels of compliance.

Therefore, the scenario faced by companies and self-employed workers is that the different Public Administrations and Entities will progress in their need to comply with the Law each one, at their own pace but with the obligation that all of them notify in a telematic way in October 2020. If the current situation is not simple, this is even more complicated, since notifications continue to arrive on paper, so there are two channels by which companies and freelancers are receiving the Notifications: the physical and digital.

– What can happen to a company that is not complying with this regulation?

Laws 39/2015 and 40/2015 are already in force and require them to maintain their communications with the Administration through electronic means, which is not easy due to the complexity of the electronic headquarters ecosystem of the different Administrations, which we have explained with anteriority.

This situation puts companies before a scenario in which they have to dedicate a lot of time and resources to access the Electronic Headquarters in search of Notifications, otherwise, they can stop serving the requirements in time, so the potential risks of sanctions, multiply.

– Do you consider that companies are well adapted to this obligation? Or is there a widespread non-compliance?

This complex and diverse digital environment makes it difficult for companies to adapt to this new way of communicating with the Administrations, which is why, in many cases, they have been improvising temporary internal solutions, distributing tasks among different people and / or organizational areas. use of multiple digital certificates dispersed in the organization, internal distribution systems “unsecured” and lack of clear business rules which implies a lack of real control over the Notifications and their deadlines.

– What do solutions like GIO-NEOS contribute to the difficulties described?

GIO-NEOS, the solution developed by The Mail Company for the integral and centralized management of the Mandatory Electronic Notifications of Public Administrations, already makes more than 75,000 monthly accesses to the Electronic Offices only ten months after its launch.

Given the current situation, it is especially interesting for a company to have an Integral, Centralized and Secure Solution for the management of Notifications. GIO-NEOS is a solution tailored to each organization taking into account its casuistry: volumes, companies, geographical locations, etc.

Our Solution is based on a mix of technology and specialized equipment, with capabilities to track in a synchronized way 100% of the Public Administrations map in search of the Notifications and, if there is one, proceed to download them through the corresponding digital certificates of each organization duly stored securely in a certificate concentrator that allows managing and restricting the permissions of its use. And what is more important if possible, solve the problem of internal distribution and traceability from the corresponding business rules of each organization.

More in detail, and depending on the scope of the project,t he solution integrates the three main processes: tracking, access and download of Notifications; classification and internal distribution of electronic notifications and third, submission of writings. And all this in a monitored way and with full traceability.

– What could be done from the Administration to facilitate notifications and electronic communications?

Undoubtedly, having a single mailbox would help companies simplify access and download. But even with the single access point, the rest of the processes must be managed: the classification and distribution of the Notifications (with functional as warning systems for the expiration dates), as well as the presentation of briefs, so the Solution GIO-NEOS will continue to be the best alternative in the business field for an efficient management of notifications.