GIO-NEOS: more than 75,000 monthly accesses to the Electronic Offices for the management of Mandatory Electronic Notifications

GIO-NEOS, the solution developed by The Mail Company for the integral and centralized management of the Mandatory Electronic Notifications of Public Administrations, already makes more than 75,000 monthly accesses to the Electronic Offices only ten months after its launch.

GIO-NEOS is responding to a major concern of Spanish companies after the enactment of Laws 39/2015 and 40/2015, which require them to maintain their communications with the Administration through electronic means, something complex taking into account that each company has a relationship with various public administrations (town councils, councils, Autonomous Communities, ministries, Tax Agency, Social Security, General Directorate of Traffic) that use different technological platforms with different levels of compliance.

This diverse administrative environment multiplies the time devoted to compiling Mandatory Electronic Notifications (NEOs) and also the potential risks of sanctions for breach of deadlines, which makes it especially interesting for a company to have a comprehensive, centralized and secure solution for the management of the notifications.

GIO-NEOS integrates the three main processes
The Mail Company solution integrates the three main processes of the mandatory telematic relationship with the public administrations: access and download of electronic notifications, classification and internal distribution, as well as the presentation of answers and writings before the competent electronic offices and the Electronic Registry Common.

GIO-NEOS automates the deposit of writings in the Common Electronic Registry, facilitating and expediting the submission of documents for processing to any administrative body of the General State Administration, public body or entity linked or dependent on them. This allows the direct submission of requirements and notifications received from the organizations attached to the System of Interconnection of Registries (SIR).

The digital transformation, one step closer
GIO-NEOS is part of the new lines of business developed by The Mail Company in the field of digital transformation, which allow its users to access a set of solutions that will help them gain efficiency and productivity, reducing costs, from the elimination of paper.

GIO-NEOS is a specific module for the management of electronic notifications included in the technological platform GIO – Integrated Operations Management -, with which The Mail Company has made over four years more than 20 million transactions. “GIO is being a key element to improve the efficiency of services and above all to boost the digital transformation of companies,” says José Manuel Castellvi, CEO of The Mail Company.