The Habibi team, co-sponsored by The Mail Company, distributes 70k of solidarity material in Morocco

The university students Cassandra and Nina, members of the Habibi team, are already back in their homes after completing their participation in the Uniraid solidarity raid on March 3, which took them across Morocco from north to south, where they distributed about 70 k of solidarity material.

The Habibi team completed the eight stages of the raid transporting a solidarity load consisting of clothing, games, books, backpacks and various school materials, which they distributed to the schools and villages along the route, located in de-urbanized areas and with very small resources. In addition, distributed 250 reflective bracelets contributed by The Mail Company, which will help reduce the high rate of outrages that occur at night on local roads in Morocco due to lack of lighting.

We could say that the most important distribution day was the first one, where we stopped at a school where a lot of children appeared jumping for joy when they saw us and where we delivered a quarter of the solidarity material that we were transporting“, explains Nina. The other half was distributed along the route in small quantities.

Uniraid is an exclusive solidarity raid for students between 18 and 28 years old that seeks to promote entrepreneurship and teamwork, which has been demonstrated throughout of the whole journey. As Cassandra reveals, “we were thrilled to see the team spirit among all the participants. See how people so different in age, profession, origin, political orientation and tastes were immediately agreed was amazing. We have created a great little family in just 10 days.”

The students are absolutely satisfied to have participated in this adventure, which they say “has been a unique and incredible experience, in which we have learned things constantly, and that we could define with three words: companionship, respect and overcoming“.

Haabibi has been one of the 60 teams participating in Uniraid 2019, which have taken on the challenge of crossing Morocco from north to south with only a roadbook, a map and a compass (without GPS or electronic devices), on board a car over 20 years old, transporting at least 30 k of solidarity material to distribute in the desert villages.