“Companies are already obliged by law to communicate with the Administration only through electronic means”

Facility Management Magazine

January 2019

Interview with José Manuel Castellví, Founder and CEO of The Mail Company, for the Magazine Facility Managament and Services.

The Mail Company, founded in 2000, is a Spanish company specializing in consulting and development of customized solutions in the fields of Digital Transformation, Expeditions and Auxiliary Services. With delegations in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Lisbon and operations throughout the peninsula, The Mail Company is gaining market share offering its customers integrated service platforms that harmonize the physical and digital world, which means for its customers cost control, efficiency, security and full legal validity. Its co-founder and CEO is José Manuel Castellví.

What do Laws 39/2015 and 40/2015 consist on? 
In force since 2016, on October 2 will incorporate two of its most innovative aspects and that mark the beginning and end of all electronic processing: the electronic record and the unique electronic file. There is no turning back, now the companies, by law, can only communicate with the Administration by electronic means, which constitutes a real challenge for companies, affecting several levels: legal, operational, financial, etc.

However, and published in the Official Gazette on September 4, there is a modification to that mandatory…
The modification does not affect the obligation to communicate electronically with the Administration but to the seventh final provision of that law, according to which, among others, a general electronic access point of the Administration should be available. And as we expected, this will not be the case, extending until October 2, 2020…

And are the companies ready?
On the contrary! This modification complicates the situation even more. The fulfillment of this Law already generated in itself the organizational problem that the companies have as we have commented before. The novelty implies that now companies, instead of having a single access point, can be notified by any level of the Public Administrations without prior notice electronically: for the moment, more than 8,000 municipalities, 41 councils, 17 autonomous communities, Ministries and various public agencies use different technological platforms and different levels of compliance…

What answer do you give from The Mail Company to this need of the companies?
Our answer is the GIO-NEOS solution, a solution that integrates a unique platform -GIO- the three main stages in the obligatory electronic notifications of the public administration that are: Access and download of electronic notifications; Classification and internal distribution of electronic notifications and submission of briefs; all in a monitored way and full traceability. GIO-NEOS is now more necessary than ever for companies, given that public administrations will continue to migrate to a digital environment without this single access point.

How does GIO-NEOS work?
Our mix of technology and specialized personnel synchronizes 100% of the map of the Public Administrations in search of notifications and, if there is one, proceeds to download them through the corresponding digital certificates of our clients, duly stored in a secure way in a certificate concentrator that allows to manage and restrict the corresponding permissions.

Regarding the classification and distribution of notifications, it is not a trivial matter because it is necessary to establish the business rules and distribution policies of each client organization in an agile and accurate way since once downloaded they are notified and the deadlines start to run . Regarding the presentation, it means that, although each business unit currently seems to take care of its own efforts and keep it under control, it does take up valuable time that they can devote to more valuable tasks, without forgetting the convenience of a centralized system effects in terms of an adequate traceability and control.

GIO-NEOS, incorporates in the Integrated Operations Management, (GIO)…
Indeed, GIO-NEOS, the specific module for the management of electronic notifications, certifies the success of GIO, with which we have made in 4 years 18 million transactions of three types: Traditional Mail, e-Courier Management (messaging) and items related to the Digital Transformation, which includes the electronic distribution of documents within the Digital Mailroom solution. GIO is being a key element to improve the efficiency of services and above all to promote the Digital Transformation of companies.