Six thoughts about the future of environments and workspaces. Towards the Digital Workplace

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By Luis del Barrio, Director of Marketing and External Relations of The Mail Company

Recently the International ICT consultancy Dimension Data conducted a global survey on how organizations were evolving from a traditional office environment to a digital one. From the report for Europe entitled The Digital Workplace Report: Transforming Your Business, we can draw the following conclusions:

1. Companies see benefit in changing their work spaces
In general, European companies believe that the adoption of new trends in the workplace will benefit them.

The large corporations consider that they must be aligned with the demands of the different generations that occupy these spaces every day, from the ‘non-native digital’ to the 3.0 employees. The lever is technology, which will allow flexibility and delocalised work. Accustomed to working on projects or objectives, this new reality will make employees more motivated and together with a mix of spaces for concentration, recreation and collaborative work, which will make them more productive, but also happier and therefore loyal.

Location, public transport, connectivity, functionality and environmental respect are other relevant factors to consider.

2. Who leads the change in the workplaces?
40% of European companies indicate that they have a defined strategy, although this involves analyzing the role of employees, their work routines and, more importantly, their interrelation with new technologies. Although 70% of the companies surveyed are responsible for IT who lead this change (which can be considered technological), the rest of the directors, especially CEOs and CIOs, are also involved: at the center of everything, always the people.