Enagás entrusts to The Mail Company the Digital Transformation of its services of mailroom and internal logistics

The Mail Company is deploying its Digital Mailroom solution, unique in the peninsula, in the three corporate headquarters of Enagás, located in Madrid. Thanks to this project, the communications received by the organization will be processed and distributed electronically through the exclusive platform of Digital Mailroom with the consequent advantages of speed, accessibility and security, increasing the productivity of the organization and streamlining the decision making.

This ad-hoc project incorporates the management of all of the organization’s business logistics through a comprehensive model that includes Mailroom, e-Courier Management (messaging delivery management) and Certified Online Communications, with the Integrated Operations Management Platform (GIO) as a single channel. The implementation of the model will be carried out progressively to avoid affecting the business and will be completed in December. The management of the services will be carried out in various locations throughout Spain.

Digital Mairoom, dual model: physical and digital
The digital transformation project of Enagás, the main natural gas transporter and the Technical Manager of the Gas System in Spain, is part of the implementation of a unique physical and digital carton model in its three corporate headquarters, combining professional reception management and distribution of documentation and parcels received by the organization with a digital administration and distribution system. This model allows the distribution of paper documentation to be suppressed: all documents are scanned, classified and sent electronically to their recipients immediately upon arrival, which expedites deliveries and facilitates immediate access by all members of the organization to received documents, regardless of their location. It is a highly effective model that allows for speeding up the organization’s pace, both in terms of document management and decision making, and aligns with the processes of relocation and geographic mobility of employees.

The business rules of Enagás will indicate which documentary batches or recipients should receive the physical documents, as well as the parcels, so the model will always remain dual.

Intelligent management of expeditions and certified communications
The model implemented by The Mail Company allows Enagás to manage all its messaging and parcel services from a web platform that incorporates various tools oriented to saving, such as predictive pricing, real-time cost control or budget limits per department, for true management and control of messaging budgets.

The project includes the certified online communications solution, which enables Enagás to electronically send all its certified documents, contracts and legal notifications immediately, quickly and with full legal validity, through various modalities: certified e-Mail, SMS Certified Agreement, SMS Contract, Certified Fax, Bmail Certified and SEPA Certified.

Exclusive management platform
The exclusive platform GIO, in whose development The Mail Company has invested one million euros, is the base for the management of all the operations integrated in the digital transformation project of Enagás. The platform allows the company to manage its needs in an integrated way and achieve maximum efficiency, reducing the cost of document operations and optimizing management, as well as having full traceability of resources used and critical management information.

“Following the recent implementation of the digital transformation project for Gas Natural Fenosa, we now offer Enagás our expertise and innovation capabilities, which will bring a significant added value to the management processes of its business areas and allow them to pass through from mere document management to true information management” says José Manuel Castellví, CEO of The Mail Company.