Jan 23, 2017 News, The Mail Company

The Mail Company opens facilities to cover the digital transformation of its customers



The Mail Company has moved its offices in Barcelona to a new, larger space with the aim of increasing its production capacity in the field of digital transformation, a segment of which it is a pioneer and leader in Spain.

The new facilities, located in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, will house a new digitization center (CPD), in addition to the existing one in Madrid and will support national operations. The center will be prepared to take on the increased workload, bearing in mind that The Mail Company expects to double the volume of operations over the next two years.

The Mail Company estimates that part of the digital transformation projects will be delocalized in the company’s facilities, which has contributed to the need for expansion. “In addition to the well-known benefits of digital transformation projects in terms of agility in decision making, increased productivity and easy access to information, relocation of operations is an additional incentive for the client, who in this way also manage to optimize leasing costs by requiring less space“, says José Manuel Castellví, CEO of The Mail Company.

The new headquarters of The Mail Company maintains the strategic capacity at the logistics level and has made it possible to expand the digitization, archiving and office area, which now have open and connected work areas, aligned with the new trends in “workplace” with the aim of creating a collaborative working environment.

The whole site has measures against fire and intrusion, as well as constant vigilance, providing the security guarantees required by the integrated services in the field of digital transformation.