May 30, 2016 Clients, News, The Mail Company

The Mail Company introduced its solution of Digital Mailroom in the XIX Congress AERCE

The Mail Company

30 Mayo 2016

The Mail Company was present at the ExpoCongreso of Purchasing organized by AERCE and sponsored by our company, where all visitors were able to meet at our booth our solution of Digital Mailroom and understand how it can increase business opportunities, reduce costs and increase organizational productivity from the optimization of the treatment of the information.

Digital mailroom: no paper, gain productivity!

The Mailroom is the unit that receives and manages incoming documents in your building and constitutes the first step towards the digital transformation of your organization.
With our digital solution you will eliminate paper at its very arrival to the organization, which will bring you:

  • Reduced response times to customers and suppliers
  • Improved productivity of the entire organization
  • Integration of all data into a new digital ecosystem: immediate, safe and accessible at any time and from anywhere.