Oct 13, 2015 News, Solutions

New service: Certified online communications


Send your certified online communications and contracts through the GIO platform. The Mail Company launches the new certified online communications service that will allow customers the electronic delivery of all certified documents, contracts and legal notices safely and with the same validity as traditional media.

The new service will optimize your costs and simplify logistics processes, therefore for the first time you can deliver such communications quickly and flexibly without subtracting legal validity, and deserving consideration of evidence in any litigation.

One solution for every need

The service of Certified online communications includes all shipping options that your organization may require at all times, whether through technology e-mail, SMS or fax.

Our portfolio includes: Certified e-mail, certified SMS, Certified fax, e-Mail contract , SMS Contract and SEPA agreement.

A trusted third party is responsible for the certification of communications.

How does it work?

Each time you need to send a certified online communication, you must manage it through our GIO platform (integrated in all solutions of The Mail Company), which will be responsible for the delivery of your message in the format you request. The recipient will receive a notice and then will be able to download the contents of your shipment. Once done, you will have a probative value certificate with text sent, date and time of access, recipient and result. These data will be stored on the servers of our partner and you can access to them for five years.

Also, if you wish, you may request notarial testimony to reinforce the evidence in a potential lawsuit.