Effective management of Mailroom 2.0, e-Reception, e-Courier Management and e-Box using our exclusive GIO platform.



Speed, security and accessibility of information to streamline decision-making in your business, including collaborative working environments.
Cost reductions through freeing up space, printing and re-shipping, reverse logistics costs and document custody.
Greater productivity and sustainability for your organisation.



Development of high impact personalised solutions in digital transformation, cost optimisation and process re-engineering for digital transformation and document logistics.


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“The Mail Company completes the efficient and flexible management of mail, messaging and package deliveries.

It provides added value for controlling all email/messaging that comes in or goes out thanks to its great organization, coordinating the various services and providers. Its GIO management platform allows us to immediately track deliveries and arrivals and obtain highly useful information for the optimal administration of these services.

The Mail Company manages the corporate mailroom for Orange at our headquarters in Madrid, which is where service is coordinated for all the headquarters of Orange Espagne, and it also provides a resource at our office in Barcelona.”

Eva Ruiz González

Service Manager for the employee, Orange

“Since we implemented the preferred provider program for ISS Iberia, The Mail Company has been one of the pillars of our success.”

Belén Rodríguez Magaz

Chief Manager of Properties and General Services for ISS Facility Services

“For the last 15 years, when Axpo Iberia started in Madrid, we have been using messaging services from The Mail Company. A few months ago we were offered an alternative method for sending our certificates and burofax with an online format. With this GIO platform, from our office and with a single “click”, we can make any delivery in the fastest and most economical way with the same legal validity. Being able to manage all the services on the same platform is an important support to our work flows and allows us to completely integrate information: online certified communications, messages, etc.”

Felicia González

Assistant at Axpo Iberia

“I want to emphasize the work, implication and satisfaction in regards to the staff that we have for managing the Reception service at our offices: they do a great job and provide excellent service to our clients and employees, giving the required level of professionality and image for SAP.

The Mail Company give me peace of mind to work with great professionals, who will provide me with the best Service solutions, excellent management and who will respond quickly and efficiently to any need, as they have always done.”

Itziar Carreras

Facility Coordinator Spain, GFM – Global Facility Management, SAP Spain

“The Mail Company has been providing support to Electrolux Professional for more than a decade with our receiving and messaging, which shows the high level of satisfaction on our behalf, and also that of the other companies from the group, Electrolux Spain, which started working with them last year.

Their response time, quality of management, continued innovation and their eagerness to improve are the things that have allows them to have a minimal number of incidents during this entire time and what encourages us to face the future with a guarantee for success.”

Ángeles Ruza Rodriguez

CFO - Controller at Electrolux Professional

“In February of 2017, I organized the initial launch event for SAP Digital, which took place in Barcelona with 100 participants from all over the world. From the first time that we informed the team at The Mail Company about this, they have been helpful and patient.
When I arrived at the SAP office in Barcelona (to which I had never been before since I work in Germany), the reception staff surpassed my expectations when it came time to make last minute changes and provide responses to requests, and always with a smile on their faces. I dare to say that our event would not have gone as smoothly without their commitment and dedication.
Thank you very much!”

Isabel Haas

SAP Digital – SAP SE

“The Mail Company has provided the efficient and flexible management of deliveries for mail, messaging and packages in our buildings, which has helped us to properly measure the Mailroom service, optimize our costs with a substantial improvement in our lessees’ satisfaction, which is measured every year through satisfaction surveys that we provide.

We value continued innovation, the result of which in 2016 we implemented paperless delivery processes and technological developments such as the GIO platform, which allows us to see volumes and document and package activities with one client, as they arrive and are sent from every property.

Currently Realia provides this service in three buildings, two of which are symbolic, such as the Realia Tower in Madrid and the Fira Tower in Barcelona.”

Ignacio Alonso Montoya

Office Director for Realia Patrimonio, S.L.U.

“The level of management, function and service response for messaging by The Mail Company is excellent. In addition to the quality of messaging services, their GIO platform allows us to control expenses, complete web requests, obtain predictive prices and provide approval circuits, which has decisively helped us to optimize service and reduce costs.”

Itziar Carreras.

Facility Coordinator Spain, GFM – Global Facility Management, SAP Spain


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