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La transformación digital de la logística documental en las organizaciones.

The Mail Company somos una empresa española con presencia internacional especializada en consultoría y soluciones de transformación digital y logística documental.

Nuestra misión es ayudar a las organizaciones a mejorar y agilizar sus procesos de negocio basados en la gestión de la información y de la documentación, armonizando los mundos físico y digital.

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Companies that opt for process optimization and technology will become more competitive in a market that is completely global.


We build relationships of trust between professional suppliers - customers to mark together a successful future roadmap.


We believe in the winning combination of industry, vertical, experience, dedication, commitment and of course technology.


Data processing, new information formats, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the pillars upon which communications are being established. And it is precisely these areas that we focus on in order to implement its full potential.


Somos agentes activos en la transformación de las comunicaciones, aportamos soluciones tecnológicas avanzadas que hacen más trazable, eficiente y eficaz, la comunicación entre empresas, proveedores, clientes y administraciones públicas.

Our Values

01 Honesty

04 Adaptability

02 Excellence

05 Resolvability

03 Transparency

06 Sustainability

Our History

The Mail Company was launched

The Mail Company was launched in the year 2000 with the aim of offering a professional Mailroom service both for large corporations and for the office building market.

GIO Launch

The company was founded with two premises by design that are still the basis of its differentiation today: the services it would provide should be based on traceability and continuous improvement. For this reason, it develops its own technological platform for service management: GIO.

Integration of Messaging Services

The solution continues to evolve by incorporating the messaging service, which means that our customers have an integrated solution for managing all their internal and external communication flows. GIO becomes a leading technology platform that is unique in the market that manages the services of tens of thousands of professionals from large corporations.

Ancillary Services

As a result of our customers’ requests, our portfolio of solutions has grown, incorporating other ancillary services such as Reception and Concierge.

GIO as a Digital Transformation solution

The Mail Company continues to develop solutions in line with market demand, aligned with the need for organizations to tackle the Digital Transformation, through the innovative and exclusive models of Digital Mailroom, Online Certified Communications and Mandatory Electronic Notifications.

Launch of smart lockers

During 2019, given the exponential increase in personal parcels received by employees in organizations, we launched our e-BOX “smart lockers” solution, the only independent, comprehensive and integrated solution on the market.

Launch of Corporate Communications Management Hub

During the first quarter of 2020, we launched our Corporate Communications Management Hub, which integrates all the solutions that The Mail Company offers its customers.

Evolution towards a business model entirely based on technology

The impact of our GIO technology platform in optimizing the services provided to our customers pushes us to evolve towards a business model entirely based on technology.

Our Experience

The Mail Company has extensive experience transforming and optimizing the processes of sending, receiving and distributing documentation in different sectors.

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