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The digital transformation of Corporate Communications.

The Mail Company is a Spanish company with an international presence specialized in consulting and solutions for digital transformation and document logistics.

Our mission is to help organizations improve and streamline their business processes based on information and documentation management, harmonizing the physical and digital worlds.

Tools to improve company facility services through the optimization of information flows
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Comprehensive management of the Mailroom, Courier and Mandatory Electronic Notifications areas, through GIO
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We are a Spanish company with an international presence specializing in consulting and solutions for digital transformation and document logistics.
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The GIO Technology Platform

Take the management of your organization’s services to another level, obtaining efficiency and direct savings

Your company's communication and documentation nerve centre

GIO as an Information Exchange Management Engine

GIO is a modular solution that can be implemented gradually in an agile and fast way. Each module is designed to address a specific problem, which allows the organization to deal with its solution at the pace of its needs.

The different modules that make up the GIO platform are interconnected, they share processes and data, so that – in most cases – after having implemented one, when incorporating the next, synergies and economies of scale are produced that provide additional benefits to the company.

The solutions that make up GIO are:

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Check the ability of the GIO platform to adapt to the input and output flows of documentation, and its internal circulation, in different industries.

Opting for the leader is a guarantee of success

Transforming document logistics multiplies the value of an offer

“A portfolio of services that is as complete as possible in number and quality, which leads to the optimization of processes, generates synergies that translate into efficiency and savings”

Standardize and Classify

Unify and streamline the receipt, registration and distribution of documents. Classify and index the documentation received according to the established business rules.

Distribute electronically

Distribute information electronically through a secure environment of digital folders (personal or departmental), from where your recipients can easily access it remotely and at any time.


Gather in a single node the management of all incoming and outgoing (external and internal)
information and communications of the organization.

Collect relevant information

Collect key indicators of services, for example: response times, productivity, incidents, cost per centre, etc. and any necessary data that facilitates management decision-making.

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